Bedding Space - Ottoman vs Drawers vs No Space?

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    Bedding Space - Ottoman vs Drawers vs No Space?


    I'm looking to rent out a couple of rooms, and I'm not sure what's best. Ottomans cost more, however I can say "There's more storage there for your bedding/towels etc.." Drawers are easier to open, and when they've got no space, they're super light and probably less likely to get damaged too

    I also figure that I'd have a mattress on top, and then a mattress topper on top of that. If the tenant stays for say a year, and leaves, I can donate/recycle it. That way, the mattress is pretty protected too.

    Sounds reasonable.

    You could alternatively wait until you get enquiries and say you'll furnish the rooms with their preference


      I mean, surely people won't mind even more space? You can get this all for £540 (4 foot 6 double)

      Plush Soft Velvet Ottoman Gas Lift Up Divan Bed Base Mattress Storage Headboard | eBay

      Then, you can add this to it:

      Terry towel waterproof mattress protector Double Size | eBay

      And on top of that, you can add this:
      Microfiber Mattress Topper Ultra Soft Air Flow Mattress Luxury Hotel Quality | eBay

      And then extra deep fitted sheets all over.


        I prefer bedding for personal use. The 750 count cotton are the best and wash fantastically well.

        Only a fool would provide a bed that contains any type of fabric as the stains would be foul, so you're probably advertising on the wrong forum.


          Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
          I prefer bedding for personal use. The 750 count cotton are the best and wash fantastically well.

          Only a fool would provide a bed that contains any type of fabric as the stains would be foul, so you're probably advertising on the wrong forum.
          I'm not advertising though? Also, would the bed itself necessarily have stains? I mean, mattresses themselves will always get stained, hence wanting to protect it with a mattress protector, and then a topper on that.

          I know,that personally I've had divan bases for years with zero stains on said divan base.


            Originally posted by an0nymous View Post
            would the bed itself necessarily have stains?.
            That headboard would be completely ruined.


              I've been running HMOs for 25 years and find the best kind of beds are either metal or wood, and out of the two, wood is best.

              I would never consider fabric, ever.

              With a metal frame I find the screws holding the mattress supporting bars come loose after about 6 months and you have to go in and tighten them or they fall out and the tenant usually throws them away.

              Mattresses: I put two mattress protectors on and a top sheet. I put them on physically - not just provide them - at the start of the tenancy. If I don't do that some people just sleep on the mattress and don't bother to put the bedding on. I don't use waterproof protectors because the tenants take them off. I don't get those mattresses with waterproof fabric because they're horrible to sleep on.

              Bedding: I no longer provide bedding because it gets stolen when the tenant moves to the next place. Having said that, one tenant recently left and left his bedding behind which I left on the bed for the next person who was only staying a short while (contractor). He mustn't have cut his toe nails because the foot end of the duvet was ragged to bits and the stuffing was all over the room, and he didn't even wash the bedding at all - for 6 weeks! I had to bin the lot. It was stained. The bottom sheets I provide are Asda's cheapest.

              If you get a bed with space underneath you could provide underbed storage drawers on wheels. I think you can get them from Ikea.

              I hope you find nice, decent, tenants for your rooms. The vast majority of mine have been the sort of person you wouldn't really want to share your house with, that's why they're looking for rooms - family and friends have had enough of them.


                Thanks! I'd maybe disagree with what you're saying about room shares. Many professionals rent a room, due to cost/convenience to the city. I've shared rooms with many people before and we've ate together, watched TV together, made food together etc..

                The other part is pretty helpful however! Also, tbh, I'm buying a house, living in it, and getting two lodgers (not tenants), so I'd at least be...there, physically.

                Would this be good?
                Happy Beds Phoenix Ottoman Storage Bed Pearl Grey Finish Modern Wooden Frame 4'6'' Double 135 x 190 cm: Kitchen & Home


                  Or perhaps this?

                  Malmo New Oak Finish Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed - time4sleep


                    Just buy whatever you like the look of?



                      Ah! If you're living there it's a completely different situation. It won't be a HMO and you can give any troublesome lodgers short notice to leave.
                      I found it very different when I let rooms in the house I was living in.


                        Yup. You're legally allowed two lodgers in the house which is what I'm going for.


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