Water Bill Dispute - how to resolve?

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    Water Bill Dispute - how to resolve?

    Tenancy Began: February 2020
    Tenancy ended: March 2021

    Currently in a dispute over a water bill - the letting agent are paying water for the whole building so it is agreed that tenants pay a requested amount to them throughout contract.

    A water bill was given to us in July 2020 with what was owed Feb-July 2020 - our deposit is now being withheld over claims that we owe money for water in March 2020

    Will it be best to dispute having to pay this, considering it wasn't included in the July bill for that time period through court or through the tenancy deposit scheme?

    If the charge is legitimate (which means it was for a utility you used and the amount is not more than was actually due), then I think the landlord can ask you to pay it now even if they forgot to charge it to you previously.


      They have 6 years from the debt being incurred to pursue you.


        With respect, if you used the water then you should pay for it. Most people budget for utilities so I am guessing that you realised a long time ago that you hadn't been billed and now you're trying to take advantage of an apparent oversight. Be honest and pay up.


          Just a follow up on this - we have figured out why this bill has appeared, however we are waiting for the letting agent to respond and clear it:
          - There was an issue around our move in that led to the letting agent crediting us X amount of money as an apology.
          - Once this amount was used for rent our account was in credit, in order to pay up the July bill covering the previous months utilities they asked us to pay bill total - the credit total
          - Their system seems to now be showing us as owing that leftover amount that we were told would be paid with the credit


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