Grass is greener in New Zealand?

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    Grass is greener in New Zealand?

    As a Landlord, I was fed up of regulation and tax changes. I did consider investing abroad.

    Landlords in New Zealand have been hit with tax hike. Although it seems to be similar to the UK, where interest cost if not deductible. However, their equivalent of Capital Gains Tax is fare more generous then the UK. In the past it was 5 years CGT tax free, but now gains are tax free after 10 years.

    Similar debates being held about housing shortages and house prices....

    Grass is greener there as they've had summer recently, we've enjoyed winter. Of course the grass will be greener, lusher, thicker.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Think of the travel claim to attend your property!!


        The grass maybe greener but that’s normally because there is more manure there


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          Just post a new thread, I’ll lock this one for now, then remove it when the new thread gets going.

          Just to be clear (to everyone), here are some reasons why threads with names are edited or deleted.
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        • Tenant references are a joke.
          by Hooper
          I made two separate requests (one direct and one through a referencing company) for a landlord / agent reference for the same tenant at the same address.

          I got two replies two days apart.

          The first said they had always paid within 7 days of the payment date and that there had...
          17-09-2021, 12:03 PM
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          by jpkeates
          The underlay is the key.
          At home I use cheap carpet (because of pets) over good underlay.
          18-09-2021, 14:45 PM
        • Typical lifetime of carpets
          by davett
          I've done some searching and I see people asserting that the typical lifetime of a carpet is between 5 and 7 years. My question is, has this been established in court or is it just general knowledge?...
          17-09-2021, 13:11 PM
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          by jpucng62
          Let’s be honest, most tenants don’t look after carpets as well as a homeowner. There is no point putting a quality in a rental when you can’t be sure how it will be looked after - a burn or a coffee / wine stain will ruin a decent carpet as well as a cheap one. I go for a bleach cleanable, mid...
          18-09-2021, 14:39 PM
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          by jpkeates
          There was nothing about a default in the post I was responding to.
          The post said that there had been a hearing, so if there was a default, it would have to be some kind of procedural issue.
          If you don't turn up to defend a claim, there has to have been some kind of error in notification...
          18-09-2021, 13:40 PM
        • MCOL & PCOL
          by OS7
          Hello Everyone,

          Via Section 21,i have recently been granted a possession order for my property to happen in middle Jan 2021. The tenants are claiming housing benefit and they owe rent arrears and monies just under £7000 - I have applied for MCOL and now currently waiting to request judgement...
          04-01-2021, 14:16 PM
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          by AndrewDod
          Most of my carpets in my own home (good quality) are 15+ years old and still, with care, look perfect.

          Asking carpet people how often you need to replace your carpet is like asking a damp proofing installer whether you need damp proofing....
          18-09-2021, 13:16 PM
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          by Hooper
          Yes - both references received 2 days apart from the dedicated referencing department of a national group of letting agents....
          18-09-2021, 12:14 PM
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          by Hooper
          With respect, the editing has changed the nature of my posts and title and it is not entirely clear to a reader what has and has not been edited. I am not happy with the posts or title as edited being attributed to me. I think the response a couple of posts up demonstrates that the edits have made it...
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