Unauthorized oven replacement by tenants

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    It was ,3 years old when tenants moved in. They may have been there 17 years .


      just re-read this.
      The oven was 3 years old when they moved in. How long were the tenants there for as 'your' oven is not 3 years old now.

      Also, how do you accidently break an oven? it is possible that your oven broke and they took it upon themselves to replace rather than contact you. So be prepared for that response.

      I take it now your new tenants are moving in with an inferior oven you have reduced the rental accordingly?

      Charge them £50 to inspect and test and move on.


        Well, I asked them for an explanation and documentation of the new one. They went silent. Very interesting...


          I would not be spending my valuable time debating on the merits of a replacement for a £199/3 year old oven, now if the oven was 3 months old and was something along the lines of an AEG BSE874320M at just below £1200 retail...... then i would be upset, it was below £200, and they replaced it with another of similar low value. Move on.


            Precisely, and unless the OP has reduced rent then they haven't suffered any loss whatsoever and aren't entitled to any compensation.


              My first thought would be that they've removed my new oven and given it to a friend or relative and have replaced it with a cheaper one.

              I no longer supply white goods because I'm sick of them being stolen, mistreated and left dirty or damaged, or in the case of one fridge/freezer put in the cellar to rust.

              In my HMOs I write the address on the items in marker pen due to nice goods being replaced with the cheapest ones you can buy. Grrrrrrrr.


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