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    Rent a room scheme question

    Hi all, hoping someone can assist. With the rent a room scheme, do the tenants need access to the garden?

    No, depending on what lodger agreement says . But that would be nicer.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Thank you


        Does their lodger agreement give them access to the garden?


          There is no lodger agreement as of yet - planning ahead as such.


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            by pebblepebble
            Nothing happened for my review hearing, the solicitor said he had never had a call from the courts but he and I had to be available 'just in case'. The attended hearing was about 10 weeks later. Defendant didn't turn up, PO awarded together with costs. Judge wouldn't allow escalating to HCEO.
            13-04-2021, 20:39 PM
          • Possession order question
            by Borgie
            Got a telephone hearing early next month to get possssion order. Can anyone talk me through what is likely to happen at this please. Plus will it definitely proceed to a physical hearing ( have a date for this if it happens) or could the possession order be granted at the telephone hearing?
            13-04-2021, 18:18 PM
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            by sushi
            We're careful when using the sink what goes down. We've called out people for things in the past and they've told us that it wasn't installed or whatever properly to start with. It seems we're suffering the consequences of shoddy workmanship and doing things on the cheap....
            13-04-2021, 20:39 PM
          • Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
            by sushi
            My kitchen sink has been blocked for almost 3 weeks.

            The landlord/agent has been dragging his feet getting a plumber out and when someone did come, they confirmed my suspicions that it's something more just needing to pour some unblocker down (this is why I haven't called someone out myself...
            13-04-2021, 18:06 PM
          • Reply to Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks
            by sushi
            I have tried to unblock it with a plunger and unblocker but it didn't work. A few months ago we called out a plumber who unblocked until it happened again almost 3 weeks ago.

            That's why I'm convinced there's a problem with the whole system.

            I'd rather it be officially attended...
            13-04-2021, 20:36 PM
          • Reply to Can anyone share a template Contract please?
            by Jon66
            Funnily enough I also reached the same conclusion as ExpertInAField and jpkeates . . . hence my comment that this may not be the right business for them šŸ¤” I would still like to know in what way the quoted clause is contradictory, anyway clearly learning is not in Vene's agenda....
            13-04-2021, 20:32 PM
          • Can anyone share a template Contract please?
            by Vene

            I'm renting a residential property (for the first time) and i would like a Word document of a tenancy agreement/contract, that i could edit with specific details. Some information to help understand the tenancy:

            Property is in England.
            Tenancy is for a sole tenant...
            11-04-2021, 21:43 PM
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            On the coast...... it has to be a point in front for Holiday Let, i do not see the demand for good UK holiday lets to go down much so this would be my choice if the location is right...... and it is that last point which really makes the thing work or not.
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            With the pent-up demand for holidays, Im looking at a property but undecided on letting it under an AST or as a Holiday Let (its on the coast).

            Am I correct that my wife and I can split the Holiday Let income/profit at whatever % we choose, no matter how the property is owned? An AST property...
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            After 12 years renting out our little house we decorated it throughout, put in a new kitchen and bathroom etc. We then decided to try holiday lets. We are with one of the largest holiday home companies and they came and took photos, did all the admin stuff and got it online about a week ago. We have...
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