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    New tenant credit check

    I wonder if anyone could recommend a credit check service please?
    I have seen a few posts recommend openrent but just wondering if that's what everyone is using?

    Thank you.

    Join the National Landlords Association (£75) and use their recommended ones. Good value and fast. Fee is tax deductible and you might learn a few things.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      If it is only credit checking service there are many the most well known is Experian, if you want a full check on the T, including previous LL, employment, etc then there are many organisations that offer the services. You may get discounts if there are multiple T's that you need to check as well as any guarantor.

      Those that offer a quick time scale, tend to get hold of the information held by experian, other information such as employment, landlord are dependant on the them getting back as quickly as possible, you should inform the perspective T's to inform their references to act quickly. They tend to chase references who haven't made contact only a number of times and then state in the report that no information was provided, as they need to issue out the report then to make sure it is complete.



        Thank you for the info.
        the tenant is self employed and provided me with 6 months bank statement.
        I suppose in this case I can just do a credit check on Experian myself?
        As the tenant is self employed so I guess there isn't much the reference company can do about it?
        Tenant has provided their current agency's details so I could get their Landlord reference myself.
        Just wondering if it is still worth for me to pay an agency to do reference check?
        Is there anything else the reference company would do apart from that above?



          Suggest landlord check service which will include reference and credit check. I've seen them as cheap as £5 with SaL from Vouch (this is not a recommendation or a criticism, see forum rules). Or many, many, other such services.

          Bank statements can be very revealing. Read carefully, especially regular outgoings (eg rent...) With self employed I'd be suspicious of what they say they earn. Ask to see copy of tax return to prove the figure (£5 says the number they told you is a lot bigger..)

          Apparently we're not supposed to look at social media nut hey, keyboard errors occur...

          Obviously for right to rent you'll need to see (& I copy) original ID document as per guidance

          etc etc etc etc....
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            Why aren't we supposed to look at social media? I always do and have rejected one tenant for my HMO because all his photos showed him with a pint in his hand and out with the lads which gave me a really bad feeling. Unfortunately, he arrived in a gang of contractors so I couldn't really refuse him. It turned out he was always drinking and he was the slob I feared he would be. He used to order a takeaway, and when he'd finished it he used to throw away the plate (mine) and fork (also mine) instead of washing them up. And his room was always a mess. He never washed the bedding (mine) and I had to throw it away because it stank (I no longer provide bedding). Rant over. Grrrrrr.


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