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    Your move references

    Can anyone give me any information on your move referencing please?

    myself and my husband have paid holding deposit and been down with our passports to arrange right to rent check. They have advised referencing is done through Experian or equifax and that it’s nothing to worry about.

    my husband has a couple of defaults which he is currently paying back. We have no ccjs, bankruptcies, ivas or insolvencies. We are both in long term employment and earn over 2.5 x rent amount, we have privately rented for 11 years and never missed a payment so we will get a great reference from landlord and been on electoral roll all that time.

    we really want this house

    I assume you informed the agent about the current defaults you are paying off ??? And given what you say about the rent being paid on time all the time i can see that as the main event for most landlords. Not everyone can be totally clean on their application but these days with the changes the govt have introduced it is more important than ever that a LL gets the very best tenant they can.


      She only asked if we had any ccjs, bankruptcies or ivas to which we advised we didn’t and her reply was ‘ah don’t worry even if you did have there’s ways around that’ I see some people say that your have a full credit check and others say only publicly available information is checked? Do you know which?


        They will check your credit reference through Experian/Equifax, you said, so that will show up defaults and be reflected in your credit score.


          Any landlord or agent getting an unwelcome surprise through the referencing report will likely reject the tenants and you may lose your holding deposit if it was properly processed. You should have volunteered the information.


            Well it’s ok as I’ve just spoken to the letting agent and advised my credit score and file is perfect and my husbands is poor and she said it wasn’t a problem as if it comes back to decline then as long as we have a guarantor who earns 2.5 x annual rental amount then it won’t be an issue. Thankfully she was very accommodating and helpful and thanked us for being honest in fact telling me I was worrying far more than I needed to!!


              I was specifically told the letting agents see nothing but a yes or no. They never see a credit score, credit report, credit agreements etc as that is completely private. She said the references and done as a soft search on a credit file as it’s not a credit application! They’re simply checking there are no ccjs, ivas, dro’s, insolvencies or bankruptcies to which there aren’t!


                Agents seem to get a basic recommendation, yes, yes but only with guarantor or no.
                As I don't rent with guarantors, the only result I'd personally accept is yes.
                When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                  Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
                  Agents seem to get a basic recommendation, yes, yes but only with guarantor or no.
                  As I don't rent with guarantors, the only result I'd personally accept is yes.
                  Ditto, i do not accept guarantors, so its a binary choice for me.


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                    Until you serve a valid s21 and/or s8 nothing is going to happen. Serve them TODAY having checked they are valid.

                    No offence, but why the delay, please?
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                    Offer them rent reduction & excellent written reference (if they deserve it) for whatever benefits you wish to list.

                    A sensible tenant would, IMHO, want at least 50% off.

                    If you'd started like that you probably would have got away with 1/2 that...
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