Tenants refuse to reply to messages/email and wont sign inventory document

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    I don't think the CAB would help. I went to them when I was issuing a MCOL against our freeholder. They were reluctant to help as I was a landlord, but I held my ground as I was there as a leaseholder and the MCOL process directs you to the CAB for help. They said if it was a landlord/tenant issue they wouldn't be able to help as they would be there for the tenant not the landlord who commercially benefits.


      Different CaBs, different rules. I volunteered for one they'd happily advise landlords. Met some "interesting" behaviours...
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I have a statement on my Inventories which allows the Tenant 7 days following move-in to highlight (in writing) any errors and/or discrepancies within the Inventory provided to them.

        If there are any, I visit with them and agree (or not) to update the Inventory - both parties then sign it.

        If they don't notify me within the 7 days or don't sign the Inventory after being asked again at 7 days, then I have done everything I can to allow them to raise any issues/concerns at move-in.



          With respect the above is not sound practice.

          An obvious point to make is that the tenant can damage the property within the first seven days and you are then in difficulty proving the tenant caused the damage.

          Apart from that, the arrangement for agreeing the inventory looks like it is an agreement to agree which is void if does not include reference to a third party in the event of dispute. If the inventory is never agreed then the tenant's obligations which depend on it fall away completely and you would have been better off with a repairing obligation not hitched up to an inventory.


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