Land owners obligation to stop drug dealing/trespassing?

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    Land owners obligation to stop drug dealing/trespassing?


    I currently rent in England and my apartment is managed by a letting agent.

    Recently moved in to a new flat. The car park doesn't have a gate so anyone can drive in, frequently people cut through to the other side but tonight I spotted what looked like a drug drop.

    I didn't recognise the couple buying. Unfortunately I only got a partial video recording and photo of the alleged dealers plate as it was directly under my living room window. However I didn't get evidence of the actual weed/money exchange.

    I don't know who owns the block of flats.

    So I have questions:

    1) Does the land owner have any obligation to stop this trespassing/illegal activity?
    2) How do I find the details of the person who manages the building?
    3) Who would you advise I report this to, considering I have no concrete evidence?

    I'm thinking it might be worth getting a camera in my window to record the car park but other than that I don't see what I can do. I feel secure, I'm on the first floor, the place is very well lit, the downstairs door is tough and opens out so it won't be smashed in and I also know the neighbours, they're friendly so I will speak to them about this as I figure more pairs of eyes are better but ultimately the only thing that will stop random people using the car park will be a barrier imo!

    Originally posted by rentrent2021 View Post
    3) Who would you advise I report this to
    The police.
    I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

    I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


      As said it is a Police matter, but in my experience a barrier will help for sure, drug deals go on everywhere, in the open on the public highway..... everywhere. The land owner does not have any more responsibility than the council do for the pavements/roads that deals also take place on.... it is a Police matter. I would think twice about putting a camera on the outside of your window, for one you would need permission from the freeholder (unlikely to be given), and second it may then make you more of a target by said drug dealers/smack heads.


        Good point Hudson. I didn't realise permission was needed to put in the window!

        Thanks KTC, already done.


          Unfortunately this sort of thing is all too common.
          As well as the police get onto your local councillor - (will be on your council's website by area where you live) as they often have good contacts within the police and may be helpful as they will want your vote next local election time.

          Freedom at the point of zero............


            Common enough....

            If you are taking recording on your smartphone, then be careful at night, as the glare from your smartphone may give you away. You don't want to invite trouble.

            Even if you did have evidence, would you give that to the Police?. As you would have to sign and give your address. So it is better to record the number plate, description of the people and then pass it on anonymously to crime stoppers.

            Who will you be reporting. Who is the buyer and who is the seller? Sometimes, if is hard to tell them apart. Probably, someone living in a neighbouring street buying this for recreational use or it could be a major deal.

            I would get a small Wifi camera. Some camera have night vision, but they are n't so good at picking up number plates and bright lights from cars, can blind them. I would put signs up to say there is CCTV recording. Speak to your neighbhours, to make sure they are okay.

            I don't know if you need Freeholder permission, as you are not fitting outside your home.

            There are plenty of people with Ring cameras...

            Just don't post your footage on facebook or put posters up to name and shame.

            I had a local drug dealer, but he did n't seem violent. If you get rid of one, there may be someone who is a thug to replace them.....

            A gate would be useful against fly tipper or abandoned cars....


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