If tenants don’t live there all the time but still trying to evict?

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    If tenants don’t live there all the time but still trying to evict?

    what would happen if a LL has been trying to evict for rent arrears but they still don’t go after eviction notice has come and gone, then the LL finds out they don’t actually live there much of the time. Could he go and change the locks?


    Someone could have 17 valid concurrent tenancies, but only one will be AST (regardless of paperwork).

    By eviction notice do you mean notice sent by bailiffs giving 14 days notice or just an s21 or s8 notice? Neither end tenancy nor compel tenant to leave.

    Is this their principal home? If not, s21 and s8 don't apply.

    Are you tenant, agent, landlord or solicitor in this matter?
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      It’s an AST on rolling contract

      the tenant is mot not living there most nights but it’s still their main residence I don’t know where else they are but there is no lights on most of time

      anyway we want them out they have had both an s8 and s21 andthey stayed beyond the notice period


        Maybe he works nights.


          It doesn't matter. Whether it's AST or a common law tenancy (because they don't live there as their only or principal home), you are required to evict through due process of law (i.e. going to court, getting a possession order, and then having that order executed).
          I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

          I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


            its going to take years to get to that

            how much shall i offer him to him to Move On?


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