Tenants responsibility with regards to construction work by the neighbours

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    Tenants responsibility with regards to construction work by the neighbours

    I am renting a semi-detached house privately through a letting agent and need some advice regarding my responsibilities as a tenant. Both my neighbours on each side have had construction works recently. I was concerned about some of the works so I informed the landlord out of courtesy as I thought the works would affect his property but I was mostly ignored and told in indirect terms to be considerate of the neighbours so I only reported issues afterwards which directly affected us as tenants like rubble left on our side during the works.

    Both the neighbours replaced their fences facing our property and apart of other issues I have also noticed that during the fence replacement one of the neighbours has attached the fence to our garage wall where previously there was a gap of a few inches. This is the unattached side though they have extended their property right to the boundary so has an attached effect near the garage. As far as I know the fence should be on their own land and not attached to anything on our land but due to the past experience I am reluctant to report this to the landlord and will only report issues that are legally my responsibility. What's the worse that can happen if the landlord finds it later, can he blame me for not reporting it at the time? I am planning to move out in the next year or so, so don't want any issues that might affect me getting my deposit back.

    A wise landlord is open to tenants reporting stuff that might be of interest to them.

    I would however complain of things that alter your life in a bad way like rubble left on your side. Things like noise are more difficult to complain about.


      Any responsibility that you have to report things to the landlord would be detailed in your tenancy agreement.
      There's no general responsibility other than to act in a tenant like manner, which doesn't explicitly say you have to tell the landlord about any issues to the property.

      The landlord might make an issue about the deposit if they're angry about the fence, that's just human nature.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        As said on the first comment, a responsible and sensible LL will ask the tenants to keep an eye on the neighbours for situations just like this, leave it alone, he or she has made their position clear, if they have a land dispute later then it's their problem not yours, you sound like a good tenant and one that I would value, some LL's are blind to what is good for them.


          Was there actually construction works being done internal to the neighbours property's if so then this would be of interest to the LL as there should be a party wall agreement, especially if they are attached to the neighbour.


            The party wall agreement would have been with the other side neighbour last year who replaced the wall with their extension. That's when we were told off when we mentioned the issues with the work like their kitchen waste coming into our property and the smell coming from the soil pipe because they displaced it while doing their work so we tried to avoid mentioning any issues at all after that.

            They broke the guttering as well yesterday while attaching the fence to the garage wall so we have reported that and it will be up to the landlord I guess if he wants to check with the neighbours directly as we have sent them pictures.


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