Would you rent to us? Our honest position noted within........

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    Would you rent to us? Our honest position noted within........

    Hello all,

    I've had a good read through the forums and see that there's a lot of honesty on here with regards to people's positions, so just wanted to get an idea on opinions from landlords as to whether or not you'd take us on as tenants (I appreciate it will be mixed).

    We are both 38 and both working. I earn £41k and my partner is self-employed with NET profits of £6500 for the 19/20 tax year.......so affordability would be a tick, considering we're looking at properties ~£1000pcm.

    We also have 3 children, all boys, aged 16/15/7. The eldest is enrolled at college doing multi-skills (different trades) with the other 2 at Secondary and Primary school respectively.

    To give you an idea of the type of tenant we are, we’re looking for a long-term rental, likely up to 5 years until we’re ready to buy our own property. We live in a modest 3-bed semi at present, but we’ve invested a lot of time and money into making it a real family home.

    We both have CCJ’s that will obviously (a) show up on and (b) likely fail the referencing process; none of these are property/rent/mortgage related. We have taken the steps to pay these IN FULL and they are now satisfied on our credit file – the smaller of mine by instalments and the 2 others cleared last year through our savings.

    This doesn’t reflect our careful management of money today. We are unfortunately left with their legacy until 6 years have passed, but we run a very tight ship nowadays and any such issues are a thing of the past.

    The most important thing is that our rent has NEVER been late – we can provide a bank statement dating back to 2016 that shows every payment made on time at our current property. I also owned a property until December 2019 and can provide an extract from my credit file showing no late/missed payments.

    Credit File
    CCJ - £2,702.00 – Filed 13.02.17 – Satisfied 19.08.20
    CCJ - £536.00 – Filed 01.02.16 – Satisfied 01.03.19
    CCJ - £760.00 – Filed 14.11.18 – Satisfied 19.08.20

    We don't have a guarantor as we don't have family members that meet the affordability and being honest, we'd rather try and stand on our own 2 feet.

    We do have funds to pay the security deposit and 6 months rent upfront.

    We also have pets (a dog and 2 cats).....just to make us a little more unpopular!

    She is 2 years old, house trained, calm and settled in the house. Because I work from home (this will be the case after lockdown, barring 2 days a week) and our eldest is at College part-time, she’s not left on her own during the week. She gets walked a minimum of twice a day, we don’t have much in the way of walking routes where we are, but she’s taken out religiously. I think it’s safe to say that Ashover provides an enormous range of walking routes and places for her to explore, so her exercise requirements will always be met.

    We are prepared to pay a premium on the rent for the pets too if needs be, say £50 a month, maybe a little more.

    I think we've accepted that the pets are an issue for a lot of landlords, so we are only searching for 'pets allowed/by negotiation' properties. The main thing we'd like to know is...........if you didn't reject us on the basis of the pets, how many of you landlords would consider us based on the credit issue with the 6 month rent offer?


    As you have stated, you have two obvious negatives ...
    CCJs - not one but three
    Pets - not one but three.

    I would say it depends on where you are looking to rent. If you are looking in an area with a lot of demand and are up against a potential tenant with a squeaky clean credit history and no pets, you're most likely going to struggle. If it's an area with low demand, yo should be okay. Might be worth staying in the house you've worked hard to make a home until those CCJs drop off your credit file.

    The offer of six months' rent up front doesn't always appeal to landlords, by the way. Some see it as a red flag.

    Sorry to be brutal


      There are two limiting factors.

      First one is the pets.
      Lots of landlords have a blanket no pets policy and that means your pool of possible properties is limited.
      But you obviously know that.

      Then from that limited pool, you're going to have to find a landlord who will see satisfied ccjs as a good thing (which it might be) and not a simple red flag.
      It depends on the background.
      If there was a period of serious financial difficulty and you've dug yourselves out, you might be OK.

      Three ccjs in different years over a three year period would take some explaining away for me, to be honest.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Which part of the country are you looking to rent in? As I have to say £1000, isn't enough for a 4 bedroom house with a descent size garden and close to schools, I would imagine your children would want their own rooms. Also why are you leaving your current place if you've made it home for yourself.

        If I were you, I'd stay where you are for the next 5 years and get your credit rating increased so you have a chance of getting a mortgage, rather than worrying about a renting, As I for one would unfortunately not rent to you based on the CCJ's, even though you've paid them off, If there was only 1 then I would consider you as a T.

        I would also be even more suspicious if the T wanted to pay more than the market rate for properties in the area, (without the pets issue).


          CCJ - No, not until fully cleared.
          Pets - No, far too many tenants without pets looking to rent so no point in running the associated risks of inviting pets in the property.
          My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


            Unfortunately for you, there are probably other prospective tenants who don't have CCJs and / or pets - they would be my preferred tenants. Paying 6 months up front may help you with some LLs but there is a lot of competition for properties in many areas right now.

            Good luck - I think you will need it.


              Offering to pay a fairly substantial uplift on the rate of rent might help to counterbalance the risk (perhaps a 50% uplift).

              I think the sad reality is that a) you are going to have a lot of trouble b) the main reason for this is not in fact the things you outline at all (in and of themselves), but rather the nature of current legislation. Based on what you say I would take you as tenants if my property was pet friendly -- if I could get you out within a couple of months at most if you stopped paying rent and was also able to recover that debt if and when you had the cash -- but because I can't do that, I would not risk it. So you are (apart from your own prior CCJs) entirely a victim of recent attempts to (ostensibly) "protect" tenants.



                But this is the case with any tenant no matter their circumstances

                you cant say all tenants are the victims of recent attempts to (ostensibly) "protect" tenants

                the LLs are the victims as it’s harder than ever for LLs now on every level


                  Sort of,,,

                  But the current situation is that one would not take a risk on someone because the consequences of a mistake are so serious. There are big risks (not this case) small risks (like this one) that are turned into big risks by legislation, and there are small risks

                  Yes it is hard to get rid of "any tenant" right now -- but I'm pretty sure that the couple I last chose (two GPs who have just sold a £400K house) could refuse to pay rent and refuse to leave - and I might take a year to get them out -- but the chance of me being out of pocket at the end of the day is almost zero.


                    I would agree with the above, given the current bashing of LL's by the govt and the time it takes to evict any tenant, any future individuals would have to be at the very top of their game, being able to afford the rent is a given, it's the LL's opinion on their ' willingness ' to pay the rent....... and that can only be judged by past performance, as said above, you have satisfied them and they were not for rent arrears but if someone came along with all that you have but minus the CCJ's and the pets........ they would get the property. Sad and very competitive but that is the market today.


                      In practice it’s going to be very very hard for any LL to find perfect tenants

                      if they tick all those boxes they probably live in nicer places


                        Totally agree. My choices up to now have been good but i understand that how ever careful i am ...... i could still get tripped up, i just hope that when that day comes the current nonsense is over and i can get them out quickly.


                          If you find good tenants with guarantors who still have jobs then they are like gold dust

                          unfortunately these will almost certainly be snapped up by the other LLs


                            There are lots of good tenants out there - its just that 'Tenant pays rent and keeps house nicely' is not a headline ever printed. Sometimes reading this forum it is hard to believe, but that's because people here are generally posting about problems, so it gives a distorted view that the whole PRS is failing - not true.

                            The unfortunate truth for the OP is that LLs are ever more wary of anyone who doe not have perfect credentials, because it is now so difficult to evict a bad tenant. That means that lots of potentially good tenants get lumped in with the probably bad tenants and will find it ever harder to rent a decent property.

                            With the credentials listed I'm afraid the OP is only likely to be able to rent where there is very little competition.

                            This is the true effect of Govt policy, Shelter & Generation Rent lobbying, underinvestment in the sector etc etc.


                              Originally posted by Bixwier View Post

                              If you find good tenants with guarantors who still have jobs then they are like gold dust
                              No they're not, I have my choice of good tenants.


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