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    You can do right to rent checks via video calls at the moment. Managing other tenant issues is a bit trickier.


      Covid or not, no one will walk over any of my rental thresholds without me first meeting them, never have and never will, I put this alone down to why after many years in the BTL arena i have had zero arrears and zero notable issues.

      Its sounds odd behavior, that alone would be a no.


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      • Reply to Reference payment
        by Jon66
        To be honest, I don't have enough to do do at the moment . . . decorating room no 4 just to keep busy šŸ¤£...
        03-03-2021, 23:58 PM
      • Reference payment
        by jase222
        I have a tenant who's leaving shortly and a letting agent sent through letter asking for a reference for the tenant, in the letter there was also 4 pages of questions about 120 to be precise.

        I know it will take best part of a hour as quite a few are detailed and require looking...
        03-03-2021, 10:49 AM
      • Reply to Legal question
        by mind the gap
        Oh, I agree the police would be the route to go down assuming the coercive behaviour could be proven. Their concern at this stage is to try to stop it happening in the first place by sending clear signals to the daughter that there is no point even trying to get any more money from their father as ways...
        03-03-2021, 22:49 PM
      • Legal question
        by mind the gap
        Hi all, hope you're keeping safe.

        Not sure which forum to put this in - happy for Moderator to move if appropriate.

        Scenario is as follows. In 2018, elderly widower changes the will he made jointly with wife in 1980s. He does it all properly, using a solicitor and include...
        01-03-2021, 13:01 PM
      • Reply to Maintenance access home working tenants
        by Neelix
        I would find another spark ..... I occasionally work on Saturdays for key customers, then take a day off during the week

        being self employed sometimes means being flexible
        03-03-2021, 22:26 PM
      • Maintenance access home working tenants
        by Morleyman
        Wondered if anyone can clarify where I stand needing to have electrical maintenance carried out on a rental property where tenants work from home due to COVID. The electrician I am using only works weekdays but my tenants have said this work cannot take place during the week as they canā€™t have the...
        03-03-2021, 20:43 PM
      • Reply to Maintenance access home working tenants
        by boletus
        Would a reasonable tenant in good health do the little job of allowing access during normal working hours for a non essential EICR during a covid lockdown?


        Personally, I'm not asking my tenants or electrician to risk it, even though I'm sure they would if I asked....
        03-03-2021, 21:53 PM
      • Reply to New tenant credit check
        by theartfullodger
        Suggest landlord check service which will include reference and credit check. I've seen them as cheap as Ā£5 with SaL from Vouch (this is not a recommendation or a criticism, see forum rules). Or many, many, other such services.

        Bank statements can be very revealing. Read carefully, especially...
        03-03-2021, 21:19 PM
      • New tenant credit check
        by Wumingshi1
        I wonder if anyone could recommend a credit check service please?
        I have seen a few posts recommend openrent but just wondering if that's what everyone is using?

        Thank you.
        02-03-2021, 15:44 PM
      • Reply to Reference payment
        by boletus
        How do they retract leaving and how do they stop you going for CCJ/guarantor's house/assets/attachment of earnings etc?...
        03-03-2021, 21:09 PM