I'm convinced that my tenant is dead - but how do I prove it?

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    Tired Old Chap - did you contact Adult Safeguarding? They really do work very fast!


      Can you look on the Electoral Register to see if she had been taken off it.


        Do you have an update?


          This needs an update!!


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          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by jpkeates
            but the legislation doesn't say that.

            Sections 38 and 39 of the Deregulation Act 2015 allow the government to prescribe certain requirements that, if they are not met can make a section 21 notice invalid.
            They must be enacted and relate to:
            (a) the condition of dwelling-houses...
            24-09-2021, 15:43 PM
          • S21 served expired EPC!
            by Worriednow
            Hi All
            Hope you can help. I served a S21 notice on my tenants giving them 6 months notice to leave. The actual tenancy expired in August 2021 but with the Covid rules i had to give 6 months notice which means they have to be out by November.

            The notice was served May this year but...
            23-09-2021, 20:02 PM
          • Reply to Boundary fence
            by nukecad
            Note that just because your deeds say that you are responsible for maintaining the fence that doesn't make it your fence, just your responsibility.

            His deeds may also have a similar clause saying that he is responsible for maintaining the fence, so is also assuming that it's his fence....
            24-09-2021, 15:38 PM
          • Boundary fence
            by Ollyn

            On my Deeds, it shows which fence is my responsibility, and I have always maintained it.

            My new neighbour acquired the property next door, and later, without my knowledge or prior agreement, removed the fence completely, and replaced it with a lower one.

            23-09-2021, 09:06 AM
          • Holes in walls
            by Pocahontas

            What is the general consensus for letting tenant put holes in the walls for things such as pictures, paintings etc?

            Is it a straight no? Or do you allow some leeway?...
            24-09-2021, 15:32 PM
          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by jpkeates
            No you don't.
            I suspect that one day a court will interpret the law so that you will have to (which is one reason to avoid replacement tenancies), but the wording of the legislation is helpful.

            The section 21 restrictions simply say that the landlord has to have complied with regulation...
            24-09-2021, 15:15 PM
          • Reply to If I issue a section 8 and its not contested, will I definitely get the warrant?
            by darkdev
            Yes it does seem ridiculous I know, I guess theres a slight further complication in that:

            - I have rent insurance, so perhaps whilst evicting I will still get rent, whilst I also try to make the necessary repairs.
            - I'm also considering how I would access the deposit that was left,...
            24-09-2021, 15:03 PM
          • If I issue a section 8 and its not contested, will I definitely get the warrant?
            by darkdev
            I have a tenant on a long lease (12 months to run), I need to evict them with a section 8 which will be focused on the fact they were running a cannabis farm. Tenants seem to have run off, haven't heard from them in 3 weeks. If as you might expect they don't contest the eviction, will I definitely...
            22-09-2021, 12:42 PM
          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by Worriednow
            Fair enough, I think I was very clear, I served a S21 on the tenants in May with an EPC that had already expired unbeknown to me at the time. Although this was served by the agent apparently as a landlord I can't claim ignorance.

            Legislation states that a landlord cannot serve a valid section...
            24-09-2021, 14:45 PM
          • Reply to S21 served expired EPC!
            by KTC
            With greatest of respect to the lawyer you spoke to, [citation needed].

            I don't think anyone here would dispute that a valid EPC needed to have been given to the tenant BEFORE the service of the s21. But if the statement is that a valid s21 need to be in place at the time of service...
            24-09-2021, 14:39 PM