Section 8 ground 14 - experience with the discretionary aspect

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    Section 8 ground 14 - experience with the discretionary aspect


    I have a tenant that has aggressive abusive behaviour when drinking (most of the time). Have ongoing complaints from neighbours, police have been involved ( apparently known to them for anti social stuff in town centre) and issued a CPN linked to neighbour comlaints. The behaviour improved for a few months after it was made clear that tenancy at risk, (agreed to not pursue at that time with covid ban of evictions anyway). However since then complaints have again increased, claims that neighboiurs in tenancies were moving away ( I can't confirm that so not going to cite this) and police have again attended.

    No convictions so can't use 7a, but 14 is 'discretionary' what level of evidene is needed, and would you put all that in the initial notice served to the tenant?

    What parts would you attempt yourself and when would I expect to need professional help and so extra costs?

    No arrears as payment of benefits direct to me from the council.


    I think that ideally you would want a log of incidents with dates and times, witness statements from neighbours and confirmation from the Police with the relevant case numbers. I get the feeling that judges are being more sympathetic to s14 claims at the moment because its one of the few ways to evict that still apply, but I have no evidence for that.


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