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    DPS Adjudication Time

    Does anyone have experience of how long it takes the DPS adjudicator to come to a decision?

    Last time I did this it was a month and I lost.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      14 months and waiting, tenants long gone and not contesting. Look on trust pilot for true picture of these scumbags


        In my case it was 6 weeks and kept chasing them, as it should take 30 days. The payment then takes another week or 2, this was around 2 years ago, I'm assuming it will take even longer due to the pandemic.


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        • Reply to 3 friends renting together
          by jpkeates
          I didn't know that.

          How do you satisfy the requirement
          "To ensure that all fire escapes are clear of any obstacles and that they are kept in good order, to ensure that all fire safety measures are maintained in good working order and that adequate fire safety measures are in...
          27-01-2021, 13:20 PM
        • 3 friends renting together
          by Red91
          First post so I'm sorry if I miss any details. We seem to have run into a little bit of a brick wall, 3 friends moving in together from family homes, we've all been in our current full-time jobs for years, we've been friends for 25+ years, living in England and seems we've been hit by needing a home...
          27-01-2021, 11:27 AM
        • Reply to 3 friends renting together
          by DPT57
          To be fair, if its a modern property with interlinked smoke/heat detectors and not caught by an Additional Licensing Scheme then the HMO requirements aren't particularly onerous or costly. Most of the HMO Management Regulations are a reiteration of HHSRS that would be required for all properties and...
          27-01-2021, 13:17 PM
        • Reply to Eviction company
          by blinko
          Thanks mate...
          27-01-2021, 13:16 PM
        • Eviction company
          by blinko
          Hi guys can anybody recommend a good eviction company I have never done it before and keen not mess it up . I am looking to issue section. 8 not s21
          26-01-2021, 15:40 PM
        • Reply to Changing AST from joint to single
          by Lawcruncher
          If you decide that the best thing is to start all over again and you are satisfied that the tenant who wants to remain is a good bet with her guarantor, the way to proceed is as follows: get the tenant to sign and let you have a notice to quit and a new tenancy agreement starting on the day after the...
          27-01-2021, 13:12 PM
        • Changing AST from joint to single
          by rupert206
          Hi all,

          I had a periodic AST with my tenants in a joint name. Recently the tenant has split up with her partner and has requested a new tenancy agreement to be drawn up in a single name.

          Is this necessary or can the existing periodic agreement continue?

          If it is...
          09-04-2020, 17:46 PM
        • Reply to Section 21 form 6a
          by DPT57
          Sounds like you have your answer then.
          27-01-2021, 13:10 PM
        • Section 21 form 6a
          by hazedunks
          I served a tenant a section 21 in july 2020 and gave them the recommended 3 month notice period at the time due to covid 19. Is it too late for me to apply for the possession order now? Wil the section 21 still be valid?

          27-01-2021, 12:15 PM
        • Reply to 3 friends renting together
          by doobrey
          I agree. It has been suggested on this forum before that 3-bed HMOs are few and far between because the achievable rent doesn't justify the expense / compliance / risk / work that an HMO entails. I think that this is fairly accurate....
          27-01-2021, 13:01 PM