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    Experience with TDS

    Hi there,

    I was wondering what your experience is with the TDS.

    I have done everything right-had inventory check in/out, protected the deposit and rented out my property to what my Lettings Agent assured me were professional tenants in a high end property.

    The inventory clerk noted that the property was filthy upon check out and needed another clean. When I went in, it was a bit of a horror show- scratched new hob, chipped bath, loose waste and chipped plug, they had hidden damage from the inventory clerk under a worktop saver -they put a pan onto the wooden worktop, chipped floor tiles and sink,damaged bathroom door.

    Anything that they broke during the tenancy the lettings agent took their side eg they broke my shower and bath mixer within a couple of days of moving in at a cost of £500.

    The agent is being really unhelpful as it’s been only a 12 month let and didn’t even wait for me to authorise the amount submitted to the TDS and just went ahead and did it, they didn’t even submit photos that show the damage we uncovered that they hid from the inventory clerk.

    The cost to fix damage is £1200, they submitted £750 and say I am lucky to even get that amount as the tenants only want to pay £30 towards cleaning and that’s it.

    They are also pressuring me to reduce the rent by £200 pcm when other agents say it is marketed at the right price.

    Apart from changing agents which I know I need to do, am just shocked that this has even happened.

    Any advice/experiences would be gratefully received.

    Thank you

    There are two separate issues, the amount claimed and the conduct of the agent.

    The agent works for you and, if they don't take your side, don't do business with them.
    They might not be able to get what you want, but their job is to try to do what you want, not what they want.

    I'd also formally complain about their conduct, giving details of what they did wrong and how it cost you money.

    The amount you are able to claim is limited by the depreciated value of the items damaged, so it's possible they were right about the value, but any claim for a round number sounds a bit arbitrary.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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    • Reply to Finding a landlords details
      by alice123
      I suspect the landlord used to live there and has forgotten to change his address with the land registry , easily done.

      Quite possible that the landlord didnt put the restrictive covenant in the tenancy agreemnet or they are just ignoring it - is there anywhere else that they could park...
      22-01-2021, 00:12 AM
    • Finding a landlords details
      by dontknowwhattodo
      We have a house where there are new tenants causing all sorts of problems and I need to contact the landlord.

      I have checked with the local letting agents and come up with nothing.

      I have the details from the land registry and the owner is registered to the property address!...
      21-01-2021, 22:45 PM
    • Reply to Finding a landlords details
      by dontknowwhattodo
      Have tried that. Landlord unknown to neighbours. They have seen her at the property a couple of times and that is it. I have only seen her once.

      Not had a problem with the previous tenants....
      21-01-2021, 23:31 PM
    • Reply to Finding a landlords details
      by dontknowwhattodo
      Yes have tried the neighbours. The the tenants are breaching a restrictive covenant by parking in the road blocking access to other properties. The property is on a private road with well defined restrictions and stipulations.

      I have tried to speak to them as have other neighbours and...
      21-01-2021, 23:29 PM
    • Reply to Finding a landlords details
      by theartfullodger
      Neighbours, local shops, postman... Social media...

      He's either very stupid or on the fiddle or both.

      I do not have googles.
      21-01-2021, 22:57 PM
    • Reply to Finding a landlords details
      by Hudson01
      Have you knocked on some of the neighbors and asked them ? The landlord is rather foolish if he or she has not got a different correspondence address other than the let property, there have been cases where tenants have attempted to sell the rented house !!!! As all land registry paperwork goes to the...
      21-01-2021, 22:55 PM
    • Reply to Are bailiffs actually carrying out evictions now?
      by KTC
      It needs to be a possession order originated from a s8 notice, not a s21 for someone who just happens to have more than 6 months unpaid. From another poster here, the bailiffs/HCEOs is asking for the possession order to explicitly state that the court is satisfy that the arrears is more than six months...
      21-01-2021, 22:43 PM
    • Are bailiffs actually carrying out evictions now?
      by nehaven
      Reputedly they can - but is it happening? Are tenants just claiming Covid for more time?

      Case has gone through court, and today 21 Jan is day due to give up possession but not sign of them moving! No argument from their side - just not paying, didn't show up in court and totally non-communicative....
      21-01-2021, 22:06 PM
    • Reply to Trouble with step mother
      by Hudson01
      I can only imagine that should the court do that (which i don't think they will) then it would be on the same basis your father in law lived there, so rent would not come into it. I cannot see how she would have the same right as the father of your husband, its the family relationship that ultimately...
      21-01-2021, 21:52 PM
    • Trouble with step mother
      by Jul
      Hi my husband was given a property as a deed of gift after his mother passed away in 1991 from his father. My husband put in place through the solicitor that his father could live rent free in the property but had to pay bills and any repairs or updating. His father married later the same year. The...
      19-01-2021, 09:53 AM