Please can you tell me how long an eviction is likely to take

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    Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
    A possession order is not a warrant for possession.

    A warrant for possession is commonly called an eviction warrant.

    Terminology is very important as it can mislead when trying to give advice.
    I got a possession order. But the tenant asked to stay and promised to pay up the arrears, which he did eventually. But he is slipping up again, but has again promised to pay up so is paying a bit extra each week.

    WOW Hybrice thanks - I will look into that.

    Its difficult for a landlord to keep up with all the legal requirements but I know that we absolutely need to and I think I am pretty compliant. and I want to thank everyone here for their advice when things go wrong.

    I have also given a rent book that I hope is sufficient that I will email him every week.
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      It's worth saying, there are still legal routes for this guy to take; when you apply for the warrant he could apply to have the order set aside on the basis circumstances have changed, or because of your delay etc - so as I say, a solicitor would be a good shout.

      That said, he'd need to act promptly as unless he gets a stay of enforcement or sets aside the order, then he'd be turfed out on eviction day whether or not he was challenging the order.

      But given you already have the order, you don't have any other choice, you can't re-litigate - so you just need to apply for the warrant and then deal with whatever happens next.


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