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    changing electricity meter

    Hi all, I'm a landlord, and my property became empty today. The electricity meter is PAYG (key-operated) and it is broken in the sense that the display is completely blank.

    The meter says "Property of S+S" - I assume Scottish and Southern. The electricity supplier is

    I would like the meter replaced. Simple right?'s proving a nightmare. I contact Orbit via their online chat and spend an hour explaining the situation and they send me around the houses (no pun intended) basically saying I need to email them a "End of tenancy agreement document" before they'll even talk to me. I explain I have not heard of such a thing and I have the AST, but this won't help them as it was an agreement till Aug 2021 and the tenant has left early. Nope, no luck. Before I gave up, the online 'agent' just cut my chat and logged me out. I rang Scottish and Southern Energy and their automated message basically says "Only ring us if you cannot pay, or there is an emergency. Otherwise fill in the online form." I did that and get an email saying they'll contact me in 5 business days. Marvellous.

    Does anyone know what I can do in this situation? Can I simply ignore Orbit and move supplier to someone else - I have never had an account with Orbit, and it is the leaving tenant who has an account. Therefore, I should not be liable for any outstanding payments to Orbit right? And I'm a little unclear as to how the Key payment system works - surely, once the amount on the key runs out, then that should be it, or are there still maintenance charges that accumulate even if no electricity is used in the house?


    It's possible you need the key to activate the display.

    You can switch electricity suppliers online using uswitch (for example).

    Rather than getting the meter replaced as a 1st step, I'd try it bit by bit.
    Tell the supplier that you are now responsible for the account as you are a landlord retaking possession.

    They will have a point about the end of tenancy agreement though, because there must be something that has ended the tenancy, otherwise it's still active.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Meters are usually replaced by a larger provider in your area so expect to wait for S and S to get around to your request. Clear up the unusual reading first.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        I think you will be liable for any standing charge even if not using any electricity from the end of the tenancy


          Are you getting another tenant in straight away? If not get the meter put into your name so you are the bill holder then they should talk to you.

          Either way, it is likely there is a debt on the meter so try topping it up and see if that sorts the display out.

          Good luck


            The meter could be a 2nd generation smart meter set up as "pay as you go meter"

            Apparently they can be switch back to a normal meter remotely by the utilities supplier.

            Read on

            Thunderbirds are go


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            • Reply to Finding a landlords details
              by alice123
              I suspect the landlord used to live there and has forgotten to change his address with the land registry , easily done.

              Quite possible that the landlord didnt put the restrictive covenant in the tenancy agreemnet or they are just ignoring it - is there anywhere else that they could park...
              22-01-2021, 00:12 AM
            • Finding a landlords details
              by dontknowwhattodo
              We have a house where there are new tenants causing all sorts of problems and I need to contact the landlord.

              I have checked with the local letting agents and come up with nothing.

              I have the details from the land registry and the owner is registered to the property address!...
              21-01-2021, 22:45 PM
            • Reply to Finding a landlords details
              by dontknowwhattodo
              Have tried that. Landlord unknown to neighbours. They have seen her at the property a couple of times and that is it. I have only seen her once.

              Not had a problem with the previous tenants....
              21-01-2021, 23:31 PM
            • Reply to Finding a landlords details
              by dontknowwhattodo
              Yes have tried the neighbours. The the tenants are breaching a restrictive covenant by parking in the road blocking access to other properties. The property is on a private road with well defined restrictions and stipulations.

              I have tried to speak to them as have other neighbours and...
              21-01-2021, 23:29 PM
            • Reply to Finding a landlords details
              by theartfullodger
              Neighbours, local shops, postman... Social media...

              He's either very stupid or on the fiddle or both.

              I do not have googles.
              21-01-2021, 22:57 PM
            • Reply to Finding a landlords details
              by Hudson01
              Have you knocked on some of the neighbors and asked them ? The landlord is rather foolish if he or she has not got a different correspondence address other than the let property, there have been cases where tenants have attempted to sell the rented house !!!! As all land registry paperwork goes to the...
              21-01-2021, 22:55 PM
            • Reply to Are bailiffs actually carrying out evictions now?
              by KTC
              It needs to be a possession order originated from a s8 notice, not a s21 for someone who just happens to have more than 6 months unpaid. From another poster here, the bailiffs/HCEOs is asking for the possession order to explicitly state that the court is satisfy that the arrears is more than six months...
              21-01-2021, 22:43 PM
            • Are bailiffs actually carrying out evictions now?
              by nehaven
              Reputedly they can - but is it happening? Are tenants just claiming Covid for more time?

              Case has gone through court, and today 21 Jan is day due to give up possession but not sign of them moving! No argument from their side - just not paying, didn't show up in court and totally non-communicative....
              21-01-2021, 22:06 PM
            • Reply to Trouble with step mother
              by Hudson01
              I can only imagine that should the court do that (which i don't think they will) then it would be on the same basis your father in law lived there, so rent would not come into it. I cannot see how she would have the same right as the father of your husband, its the family relationship that ultimately...
              21-01-2021, 21:52 PM
            • Trouble with step mother
              by Jul
              Hi my husband was given a property as a deed of gift after his mother passed away in 1991 from his father. My husband put in place through the solicitor that his father could live rent free in the property but had to pay bills and any repairs or updating. His father married later the same year. The...
              19-01-2021, 09:53 AM