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    Contractual periodic tenancy

    I have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement for 6mths that ends on the 31st of December.
    The contract states the tenancy will continue on as a contractual periodic tenancy after this time.

    I received a letter from the landlord/estate agents saying: "Could you please confirm your intentions
    as to whether you intend to renew your tenancy agreement or whether you are intending to vacate the
    property at the end of this term"

    We will be likely moving in the next couple of months and don't wish to take another 6 months agreement,
    I'm I correct in thinking I don't have to inform the landlord of our intentions and choose between
    the 2 options they are asking?


    I would write back to the agent along the lines of 'Thank you for your letter dated xyz. Any Notice to Quit we serve will be in accordance with xxx (condition in TA). In accordance with xxx (condition in TA you mentioned earlier) the tenancy will continue as a contractual periodic tenancy beyond the Fixed Term/Initial Period. Regards xxx'


      You don't have to choose between these two options - you can go onto a rolling periodic tenancy - but why not give your LL a heads up to your plans?


        No advantage to you in replying IMHO, do nothing. Entirely legal.

        Thatcher's 1988 Housing Act gives you the right to continue as periodic: If agent/landlord complain, refer them to Margaret
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          [QUOTE=theartfullodger;n1133045]No advantage to you in replying IMHO, do nothing. Entirely legal.


          Generally considered polite to reply to a letter. Why sour the relationship when you have nothing to lose?


            Or just say 'Our plans are uncertain so we are not in a position to sign a new tenancy agreement at this time' There is little they can then do about it.


              Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
              Thatcher's 1988 Housing Act gives you the right to continue as periodic:
              No it doesn't.

              The contract does.


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