Best way to prevent a tenant getting stabbed.

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    Best way to prevent a tenant getting stabbed.

    Dear Forum, today was a very long and painful day, but far worse for one of my poor tenants living in the house of hell.

    Tenant was woken this morning at 3:30 with a strange man in his room, who after appearing pleasant, pulled a large kitchen knife on him. Thankfully in a struggle tenant was able to get him out of his room and called Police.

    I observed at least 10 officers on the CCTV system waiting first outside the property for about 5 minutes, then they entered and stayed mostly in a huddle by the properties front door.

    I travelled up this morning as have had so many issues with 2 tenants that I'm trying to evict for drug dealing / anti social behaviour, but this is the first time I have managed to get a tenant to actually call the Police after such an incident, with this same action happening to other tenants who didn't want to take any action after being threatened, 3 times this has already happened, but tenants simply packed up and left.

    The bizarre first part, was that the guy who entered the room, simply went upstairs into the well known trouble making tenants room, so no arrest was actually done, however this guy then came back whilst I was at the property with Gas Safety Engineer and an arrest was done shortly afterwards, with my drug dealing tenant filming the Police and claiming racist action.

    My concern is that whilst I have been saying to the Police - Courts - Council - Local MP and also on this forum, that I have 2 tenants that are violent Scum, nothing has been done. The CID who I showed the CCTV footage too, were shocked at what they saw and how nobody is doing anything.

    This poor tenant now not only has to live in a filthy **** hole of a house, but will be going to bed tonight really worried that he's going to be stabbed, but want can he do. Other tenants are stuck in their rooms for hours as are too scared to come out, which when you see the vast array of dangerous weapons spread around the property and how crazy eyed these drugged up tenants look, its no wonder they have become nervous wrecks.

    The CCTV shows a young individual being encouraged to commit this crime, by my drug dealing tenant, who whilst he thought the CCTV camera had all been ripped out, clearly shows him arriving at the property driving a car (no license - banned from driving) completely wasted, getting one of his latest drug runners to commit his crime.

    So Section 8 Grounds 14 served today, will call the Courts tomorrow and email paperwork, but if tenant can't afford to move out like my other venerable tenants on benefits, that what action can the Courts / Police or myself do.

    If I get an earlier hearing, on grounds 14, is it the same route for Bailiff to attend to evict, with tenant given 2 - 4 weeks etc to leave, or can a Judge in exceptional cases, get a Bailiff to attend with immediate effect.

    I'm hoping the Police will attend tonight to recover Knife as tenant will kick off as is so abusive to the Police, so a Taser followed by a search may keep him locked up for a day or two.

    Never experienced such a horrible human in my life.

    Sorry for the long message, but hopefully some good news may come of it.

    From reading your previous threads

    You already had excellent advice on s8, g14 on the same HMO, sticking to one thread is always better.
    Thunderbirds are go


      You've been posting similar stuff for the last 10 years, maybe it's time to change your business model?


        Have any of the other tenants asked to leave and end their contract? If so what was your response? Now that you know that their lives are potentially in danger, a refusal to allow them to terminate their contract could be seen as culpability if any harm were to come to them.


          I'm happy for any of the tenants to leave the property as wouldn't want anyone to live there. The issue for those that are remaining is that there on benefits or disabilities / elderly and other landlords aren't wanting to take them on and they don't have any deposit or employment prospects. I'm hoping to get a new hearing for the 1st December, but never used Grounds 14 and concerned that tenant may be given 2+ weeks before Bailiffs can attend so what can someone who has little money do to live somewhere safe. Boletus - business model is simple, I'm selling up all properties.


            Can't help people who won't help themselves.
            They need to call the police when they feel threatened and keep logging the crimes they witness online.

            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Neighbours keep complaining out my occupiers and their anti-social behaviour but don't want to do anything about it as they feel intimidated. Not a lot I can do if they won't even report anonymously.


                Originally posted by rugbyroom View Post
                The issue for those that are remaining is that there on benefits or disabilities / elderly and other landlords aren't wanting to take them on and they don't have any deposit or employment prospects.

                I'm selling up all properties.
                You are making the right decision, as said by another member your current business model is not working...... i know exactly the type of people you are dealing with, they will never change, you will not talk any sense or responsibility into them....... just avoid them like Covid !!! Your property appears to be acting like emergency accommodation for the ne'er-do-wells that even most councils do not want to deal with.

                All the best with this and good luck with the sale of the property.


                  The problem for his tenant, is he managed to prevent his phone and other items being stolen by a knife man in his room, so he can call the Police, but the Tenant whom I'm trying to evict has and will continue to force others to carry out these crimes whilst my poor tenant is stuck in the house. Hopefully next week, the Judge will give me back possession, but how safe would anyone feel knowing that your the reason for a drug / criminal being evicted.


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