Council issuing Section 80 - Selective Licencing

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    Council issuing Section 80 - Selective Licencing

    Hi all,

    Has anyone else been subjected to a Section 80 by the Council that their rented property is in.

    I have just found out Havering (Romford) is asking all owners of private rented flats to apply for a licence of £450. It is usually only applicable for HMO, but they have changed it.

    I think this is ridiculous given high service charge and other issues such as defective cladding, which is driving service charge higher.

    Please let me know if anyone else has had this?

    Thank you!

    More and more councils will start issuing these out as another way to generate revenue's. I don't think it is specifically aimed at Flat owners, but any landlord within their area would be affected.


      Yep money making scam, try Hackney's sneaky additional HMO licence if you have 3 unrelated tenants at £950.


        Pay the charge then write to your tenants advising them of a rent increase and apologise but say you have no alternative due to the Council's Licensing Scheme.

        Councils believe that LLs will absorb this cost and fund their housing depts - in Nottingham most LLs just put their rent up to cover the charge.


          This is something thats been about in Blackpool for several years. It's portrayed as a way of checking the quality of landlords/rented property whereas in reality its just another money grab on property owners. My advice would be to pay up, they dont give up pursuing!


            In theory, Councils are not allowed to make money out of Selective Licensing schemes, but in practice they use the revenue to fund their underfunded housing department.


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