Used old Section 8 form - cant add Anti Social via online PCOL

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    Why use the HCEO? With the stay until Jan 11 it's unlikely to be quicker, and probably cheaper using the cc bailiffs.


      Hi Jon, got order to evict with immediate effect, but only HCEO can evict as you cant even speak to County Court Bailiff in my area, but the waiting time will be huge when Courts / Evictions re-open.


        Finally got possession back of 2 rooms within my HMO property on Monday after a year from hell, however the problems continue.

        I informed the Police about 8 attended with 2 HCEO, that there will be drugs / cash stashed in the property and its likely that the 2 tenants would return, but was advised to simply call the Police if this happened.

        So on Tuesday a good tenant calls me explaining that the 2 drug dealers have returned to the property, so I call the Police and spend the next 5 minutes giving the operator details about myself and the evicted tenants, such as date of birth etc, whilst during this time, my front door has been kicked in, and 1 evicted tenant enters, whilst the other remains on watch outside.

        I attended yesterday to meet Police as explained that I have installed a number of CCTV cameras within the property, which shows the evicted tenant, forcing the front door open, and then going upstairs and about 4 minutes later leaves with a small rucksack (certainly filled with drugs / cash). He then comes back a few more times to get other items from his room (basement), again forcing the door with locks changed and Writ of Possession stuck to door.

        Whilst I have spent the last year telling the Police that these 2 criminals have used my property as a drugs den, yet again the Police have given me a crime ref number and informed me that unless they were caught at the property, it will be a case of only Criminal Damage to my locks that they can ask the CPS to look into.

        Thankfully after checking my house with insurance company yesterday had notice that another room in which a good tenant was forced out of in March, was also forced open and my Wildlife camera that I put in there on Monday has gone, but likely not a high enough value for Police to worry about.

        I'm glad that I've got my property back, but it seems that its going to be OK for evicted tenants to keep returning whenever they want as the Police don't want to send anyone to a property which will have 2 violent (likely armed with knives) drug dealers, who are going to continue to make lives hell for those who they exploit.

        Have a good Xmas to you all.


          The police is underfunded and understaffed. The "extra police officers" you hear about on the news recently are police officers whose leave are cancelled, on OT, and/or reassigned from other duties.

          OTOH, I would make a formal complaint that they failed to even take an interest despite being told there's illegal drugs there and see what happens.
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            Congratulations on at least getting possession.


              Yes, the Landlordzone forum Christmas movie has a happy ending.
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