Tenant gave notice which housemates acted on and now refuses to leave

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    Tenant gave notice which housemates acted on and now refuses to leave

    Hi, I am a tenant in a shared house looking for help with a situation

    Currently we are on a periodic tenancy, and one of our housemates gave notice that he was looking for a new place. We had clarified that he would give us 30 days notice when he was ready. He gave us his moving date, and I made sure to clarify that this was his official notice which he confirmed.

    So I acted on this, began looking for a new tenant and found one to move in immediately after his moving date (he actually gave notice 2 weeks before his moving date, so this would save him paying for the rest of his notice period)

    Then we heard no news, and he simply didn't leave on the date he had given us. There is some sort of 2 month long hold up with his new place and he appears to think he can simply stay here for another few months at least. He has also started being very offstandish/rude and is avoiding us. Our new tenant has been left high and dry, and is just living on our couch because there is nowhere else for her to go.

    Recently he caused the fire alarm to go off from in his room and then was airing it out for a while. I could smell a burning smell when going by his door (like the smell you get when you drop a bit of food/water on a hob). He won't go into the kitchen any more so I am concerned that he is using a portable stove or something and putting us all at risk of a fire. He is also regularly going to his partner's house overnight (who lives in a large house share). Considering the current covid restrictions, it's bad that he didn't even ask us if we were comfortable with this/chose to force this risk onto us.

    I have also given notice to our housing officer (we live in a housing association) to terminate our lease, and our new lease with the new tenant's name on it will begin as soon as we sign it (we are told it will arrive in about 3 weeks). His 30 day notice period that we agreed is also almost up, but there is no sign of him leaving and he doesn't talk to us any more.

    What are our rights here?

    Thank you in advance

    If you are joint tenants, you have no rights over each other.
    If your housemate has given notice to the landlord and not moved out, that's a matter between the landlord and all of you.

    If your housemate gave notice to you and hasn't moved out, that's an agreement and they've broken it, but, practically, there's not much you can do.
    But their "notice" to you doesn't have any legal effect.
    In theory, you could go to court and force them to do what they agreed to, but that's not a realistic option.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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