Landlord withholding full deposit and asking for £85

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    Landlord withholding full deposit and asking for £85

    Hi there

    i am wondering if anyone could offer some advice. Our landlord (through their agent) initially wrote to us a couple of days after our tenancy ending asking us to agree to some charges, some of which were TBC so we declined to agree and said we’re waiting for a full list of defects.

    2 weeks later, we received a list of defects including damage to a sofa and to the hob, none of which were on the original email.

    the agent/landlord hasn’t used an independent inventory company and we haven’t seen a checkout inventory. We didn’t do a joint inspection after the tenancy ended, this wasn’t offered to us.

    We have offered to pay £50 for cleaning (they want £225), £5 for lightbulbs and £10 for a mattress protector (which we don’t think was ever there but it is in the inventory so I guess we have no choice)

    alongside the £225 for cleaning, they want to charge us
    £95 for a failed attempt to clean a sofa cushion
    £100 towards replacement sofa
    £330 for a new hob (apparently it was too dirty do needs replacing) We cleaned it but it was old and scuffed.
    £75 to repair a £1coin sized dent in a wall. (Inventory says the wall has scuffs. We didn’t cause the dent, or even noticed it).
    £20 for a mattress protector
    £30 for 3 lightbulbs.

    the original email made no reference to hob or sofa.

    Agency has said they’re keeping our deposit of £795 and we’re required to pay a further £80.

    does anyone have any advice?


    For how long were you living in the property?


      When did your T commence?
      Send a copy of the move in Inv+ TA and LL proposed deductions to Deposit Scheme ADR.


        Stick to your guns. Dispute the charges you think are unreasonable and if you can't reach agreement, suggest ADR as Mariner says. The landlord won't get much more than you've offered, (if anything).


          Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
          For how long were you living in the property?

          Moved in on 1st April 2029, out on 30th Sept 2020. Paid rent on 1st of the month without fail.


            Thanks all.

            is it unusual that 25days after leaving they haven’t provided a check-out inventory.


              Unless they can evidence the 'damage' by an inventory it's difficult to see how they can evidence any damage. What damage did you cause?


                Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
                Unless they can evidence the 'damage' by an inventory it's difficult to see how they can evidence any damage. What damage did you cause?
                Thanks for taking the time to respond Jon.

                they claim we caused two Small stains to a sofa cushion. They say they spent £95 trying to clean it which didn’t work and £100 contribution towards a new sofa. They only mentioned this 15days after we moved out and after they had already emailed details of an inspection where this wasn’t mentioned. We didn’t cause the stains.

                they say the hob needed replacing because it wasn’t clean enough. New hob £325. We disagree. It was old when we moved in and we used it everyday for 18months so there was wear and tear. Again, this wasn’t raised in the email following an initial inspection, we were only told about this 15days later.

                Their procedures seem really haphazard.


                  So, you moved in 2029!!!?



                    Originally posted by mariner View Post
                    So, you moved in 2029!!!?


                    Obviously it was a typo, I meant 2019.

                    Go you!


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