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  • Pregnant tenant needs advice

    This is a long message so please get comfortable.
    Firstly, I am currently 8 months pregnant, I have 4 weeks untill my due date, so realistically I could go into labour at any time. My landlord is well aware of this, as he asked me last monday how long I had left.
    Last month I was contacted by a surveyor who came round to value the house.
    On Monday my landlord came round after ringing me 30 minutes beforehand, to measure up the kitchen because he plans to refurbish it. That was fine, Although he is supposed to give me 24 hours notice before a visit I didn't see the harm. He informed me on the same day that he wanted to refurbish the upstairs bathroom and toilet (we also have a downstairs toilet), and he went and measured those aswell. That was fine. He asked me what I was planning to do when the baby is born, as we will eventually need an extra bedroom (this is a 2 bed and I already have a 9 yr old daughter). I told him I wasn't sure, and that I was concentrating on having the baby first.
    On Tuesday he turns up, tools in hand, and told me on the doorstep that he wants to sell the house. The refurbishment is to add value to the property. He suggested that I get a section 21, have him sign it, then contact the council. Or I can wait and see if an agent buys the house and lets me stay on. I was a little shocked, especially as I am so heavily pregnant, that he decided to tell me in that manner, and at that time. He must have known some time before what he was planning.
    Anyway, he proceeded to trot off upstairs and start the work on the bathroom and toilet. He removed the bath and put in a new one, after taking a row of tiles off from around the bath. Then he left.
    On Wednesday he came round and removed the toilet and put a new one in, after ripping the carpet up and putting it in the bin. The old bath, toilet, and bathroom cabinet are now sat in the front garden. Then he left.
    On Thursday he started to put tiles in the toilet. Floor tiles are now on the toilet walls, still no floor covering. I spent Wednesday listening to his tile cutter that sounds like a jumbo jet, while sitting downstairs trying not to get stressed. He left late afternoon, so I went up to have a look. The whole of my upstairs was covered in dust and muck from him using the tile cutter. My daughter, my partner and myself all suffer from excema, so I had to change all the bedding and try to hoover the mess off the floor.
    On Friday he arrived in the morning. My partner had a shower in the morning. He works in the public sector and so has to look presentable. My landlord came downstairs mid morning and basically told me off for allowing someone to use the shower, then informed me he was disconnecting it. I was polite and said ok, no problem. He didn't speak to me again and still hasn't. When he left on friday night I went upstairs to have a look. After hearing the tile cutter all day he had only put 5 floor tiles on the bathroom wall by the sink. My upstairs was thick with dust and muck, and he had got adhesive all over the carpets. The wheelie bin is full of tile bits, and rubbish from him. He didn't tell me when he is coming back to finish the work. I didn't even know he had left the property untill my daughter told me.
    He didn't turn up at the weekend, so I spent that time on my hands and knees cleaning, and washing clothes. I also had to clean the mattress from my babys cot because it was thick with tile dust. We still can't use the shower.
    Today is Monday and he didn't show up. The rubbish is still in the front garden. While it is nice to have had a noise free, dust free day, I am very anxious to know when he is going to finish the work. I also wanted him to sign the Section 21 order so that I can start the ball rolling with the council and get out of here. I don't want to have my baby, then bring him home to a house covered in dust, and listening to a tile cutter all day long.
    My partner rang my landlord tonight, but he was out playing football, and his wife didn't seem at all bothered that we are living in these conditions. I'm supposed to be preparing for my babys arrival, not pacing the front room, exhausted and highly stressed.

    Has anyone got any advise for me?

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    Congrats on your baby xx What your Landlord is doing is wrong and I would call the council and get them round. He should issue notice and if these works are not necessary he should not be doing them with you in situ. It sounds like Harrasement to me.

    Re the Section 21 ... put what you have in the bin and let him get off his lazy ar$e and issue one himself as he should be doing this not you. If he wants you to leave HE should issue notice. He is the one who will be in the wrong if he does not issue the correct notice. He will have to take you to court and if its wrong you get to stay! I know it will not make matters easier but thats the way it should be.

    You need to sit down and chill, write a letter to your Landlord stating you want a plan of action with regards to the work as you need to know when he is coming and when everything will be usable again. If you have not heard from him by the end of the week get the local council in in the shape of the Environmental Health. They will soon kick him into touch!

    Oooh and get those pregnancy hormones on him! I am 3 months along now too so know how frustrating the slightest thing can be!
    GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: I am a woman and am therefore prone to episodes of PMT... if you don't like what I have to say you can jolly well put it in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!

    Oh and on a serious note... I am NOT a Legal person and therefore anything I post could be complete and utter drivel... but its what I have learned in the University called Life!


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      He hasn't turned up again, surprise surprise. Good job really because my daughter is off school poorly, so we have spent the morning putting the finishing touches to my hospital bag, and putting it well away from any dust areas, because last week it got covered in the stuff and had to be washed.

      I don't have an outgoing phone, but when my boyfriend gets home I will get him to ring Landlord and ask him exactly when he plans to get this stuff done, or if he plans to. Then my boyfriend will tell him if that's convenient or not. I've been very nice and patient, I know what some of my rights are but it seems Landlord has no clue. I've got the section 21 all ready and waiting, in fact I got two of them lol Just in case lol I just have to get them signed. To be honest I just want out of here now, I am very angry, although I have had to calm down a bit because I didn't get to sleep till 2am. I have the name of the local housing officer, and when I deliver my application form I'm going to have a chat with her. I've got photos of the state of the place, so I'll show her those aswell.


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        Doubt you will get housed till landlord gets an eviction order and baiiffs are due. That could be 4 months from now.

        No idea why you let landlord in to do work with you in situ but what is done is done.

        Can you not find somewhere else in the private sector? Its not as if the council will give you something nice anyway.


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          Originally posted by ah84 View Post
          Doubt you will get housed till landlord gets an eviction order and baiiffs are due. That could be 4 months from now.

          No idea why you let landlord in to do work with you in situ but what is done is done.

          Can you not find somewhere else in the private sector? Its not as if the council will give you something nice anyway.
          Oh if only it was that easy. If you have a look for a 3 bedroomed house in East Hull then you might see the problem. We currently pay £350.00 a month and can't afford anything higher. The council have a different system to some areas here. We don't get what we are given, there is a bidding system, and they have a first come first served basis for some properties. I know this because my boyfriends uncle and auntie did it last year. They were housed as a medical priority, without a section 21 within 2 months.

          I didn't realise that my landlord would A) take a week to do something I could have done myself in 2 days, and B) Leave it unfinished half way through. If I'd known that I'd have told him to bugger off lol He won't be doing the kitchen while I'm here, that's for sure. I've learned my lesson now.

          My previous landlord before I moved here had workmen fit a whole central heating system. It took two days. They fixed my floor in one day.

          Landlords wife is coming to collect the rent on Thursday, complete with her newborn son, so I will be giving her a guided tour of her husbands work. Maybe she will give him a kick in the pants so to speak. I doubt my landlord would know how to evict me, to be honest, I don't think he really knew what he was doing when he rented the house out. I have no tenancy agreement, just a rent book, although I know I still have rights.


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            Originally posted by darkestangel29 View Post
            I don't think he really knew what he was doing when he rented the house out. I have no tenancy agreement, just a rent book, although I know I still have rights.
            Did you have to provide a deposit and guarantors? how long have you rented the place?
            I also post as Moderator2 when moderating


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              Originally posted by Mars Mug View Post
              Did you have to provide a deposit and guarantors? how long have you rented the place?
              We paid a months rent in advance, but didn't give any references. We've been here since september.


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                Unfortunately however you won't receive much sympathy on here,as most of us recognise that most of the breaches have been made by inexperienced landlords and not through any intention to rip you off.
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