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      Going back to the original query - I am amazed at this landlord's behaviour. I thought it was totally against the law to harrass a tenant in this way. One of my houses has a garage which is not let with the house. I use it for storage - and occasionally call at the house to collect any mail. Although they often invite me in, I always refuse as I would consider it an intrusion on their privacy for me to accept (and I wouldn't want them to think I am checking up on them without giving proper notice) - my managing agent visits on my behalf after giving appropriate notice etc. and I believe this is enough.
      Mrs Jones
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      • Reply to Joint tenancy agreement, 1 tenant has already moved out
        by Yorkie2020
        Guess I've been very lucky this time. My niece has informed her partner that she is ending the tenancy and signing up for a new one in her name only and he is ok with it. She did point out that he will no longer be responsible for any more rent or bills when it's totally in her name.
        27-10-2021, 02:02 AM
      • Joint tenancy agreement, 1 tenant has already moved out
        by Yorkie2020
        Good evening all,

        I wonder if I could get some advice on ending an AST tenancy in England.

        Originally a 6 month AST last Sept between my niece and her partner, I foolishly listed both on the AST as joint tenants and didn't list him as a permitted, there was no deposit paid....
        20-10-2021, 19:44 PM
      • Reply to Increasing rent
        by jpkeates
        There may be something on the NRLA website, but I don't know of a standard template.

        To be honest that clause doesn't seem to help you a lot, it stops you using a s13 notice (I'd wrongly assumed that because it said "may" you'd be able to) but doesn't actually help you with an...
        26-10-2021, 17:37 PM
      • Increasing rent
        by Berlingogirl
        Tenancy start date May 2020 in England. 6 month initial AST.
        My tenancy agreement says
        “The landlord may increase the rent after the first 52 weeks of the tenancy…..”
        Is there a specific form I should use?...
        26-10-2021, 13:33 PM
      • Reply to Increasing rent
        by Berlingogirl
        Thanks jpkeates, I looked at the form 13 but that’s for if you don’t have anything in your tenancy agreement with regard to a rent increase. Is there a pro forma for a rent increase if there is a condition in your TA?
        26-10-2021, 17:05 PM
      • Reply to Increasing rent
        by jpkeates
        If the tenancy is now an SPT, and you want to be ever so formal (and impose the increase without any agreement), search for form 13 (which is called something else on the government's tenancy forms page).

        Otherwise, you just need to get the tenant to agree and start paying the new rent...
        26-10-2021, 13:58 PM
      • Reply to Advanced rent and S21 Notices
        by jpkeates
        It is quite likely that the 2 additional months might be seen as a deposit, unless the tenancy agreement is very specific about the initial payment being for months 1, 5 and 6.

        If it is a deposit, you won't be able to use a s21 notice without returning it and the deposit will be unlawful...
        26-10-2021, 08:35 AM
      • Advanced rent and S21 Notices
        by Shorif908
        Hi All,

        I have recently had new tenants move in.
        the estate agent did the whole thing and put them in.

        The arrangement with rent payments was this. 6 months AST Tennants pay last 3 months rent in advance and then make 3 monthly payments in advance. Ie start of the month....
        26-10-2021, 08:06 AM
      • Reply to Advanced rent and S21 Notices
        by Lesney Park
        BUT to answer your question, yes the 3 months very much look like an unlawful deposit, being for a non-defined period (the last 3 months of a tenancy). If it is for a specific 3 months, its a bit lesss grey but then I'm wondering what you hope to achieve...
        26-10-2021, 08:35 AM
      • Reply to Advanced rent and S21 Notices
        by Lesney Park
        Never been shown previously

        Are you still using the same letting agents, did they come up with this "payment plan"?...
        26-10-2021, 08:33 AM