Ending a joint periodic tenancy

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    Ending a joint periodic tenancy

    Hi! I started an assured shorthold joint tenancy 1st August 2019 which ended 29th February 2020. The tenancy states ‘should neither party have brought the tenancy to an end at or before the expiry of the term, then a new tenancy from month to month will be created between the landlord and the tenant which will be subject to all the terms and conditions of this agreement but will be terminable upon the landlord giving the tenant the notice required under the applicable legislation of England’. No where on the agreement does It state that both parties have to give notice ..

    so from my understanding, I can give notice on the property to end the joint tenancy?

    any info or links is appreciated!

    If you have a joint tenancy with one or more other people and you are a tenant, now that the tenancy is periodic, you can serve notice without the other joint tenant(s).
    It needs to be a minimum of a month (if you pay rent monthly) and expire at the end of a tenancy period, which looks like the 29th of the month.

    That will end the tenancy for all of the tenants.
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