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    Tenant Repairs

    Good Morning All,

    Hope everyone is keeping safe!

    I am about to complete on a BTL property this Friday and have a quick question in relation to how self-managed landlords manage tenant repairs.

    When I personally have rented before in the past, I normally did this through an agency. If there were any issues (for example, a water leak / washing machine faulty), I reported this with the agency via a 24/7 telephone number. A contractor was then sent out to the Property as soon as possible.

    However - as I am not using an agency for my BTL property - I wanted to ask how self-managed landlords deal with this? My thinking is as follows:

    1. Tenant calls me to report a fault
    2. I call the Landlord Home Emergency Cover insurance that I will have in place
    3. If they accept the claim - then great - if not...
    4. I go to the Property to take a look at the fault
    5. I then use CheckaTrade or a similar website to source someone to come and repair the fault.

    I assume that many others follow the same type of thinking as above? If not - then it would be good to share what you do for ideas. What also concerns me is that I do work full time and if the Tenant called me at 2:00am to report a fault, then this will mean leaving my mobile telephone off silent in the evenings in anticipation of an emergency arising at the Property.

    Thank you

    Pretty much.

    I don't have HE cover, so I skip steps 2 & 3 (and possibly 4 if it's something clearly beyond my capabilities).

    Eventually, you will build up a list of reputable tradesmen (or women), and you will replace step 5 with phone my usual <insert name of trade>
    Home Emergency cover won't fix everything, so I'd start looking for personal recommendations now (before you actually need them and you're running around like a headless chicken)

    Your list of tradesmen will be useful for your own home/family/friends too.


      I suggest you don't supply any white goods. I no longer do. Some of my earlier properties do have some white goods and over the last two weeks I've had to buy a fridge freezer, washing machine and tv (in HMO).

      It's unreasonable to phone the LL at 2 am, I've had this too and no longer answer the phone at night. Make sure your tenant knows where the stop tap is for the water and how to switch it off.

      You'll have gas and elec certs, so dare I say you're unlikely to run into problems.

      I have a local handyman who can fix things, but he's not going to go out at 2 am and neither am I.


        I start with "T emails me to report an issue".

        Actually, I start with "select tenants carefully, show them I am a decent bloke, and keep on good terms with them".

        The only real emergencies are things that need immediate action and affect the property or the health of the T.
        Provide the T with a list of emergencies and what to do:
        • Water leak: Turn off at stop cock and notify LL.
        • Gas leak: Open windows; extinguish naked flames; turn off gas at meter; notify LL.
        • Electrical overheating: Turn off at consumer unit; notify LL.
        • Medical emergency: phone 999; no need to notify LL (unless caused by defect in property).
        • Fire: tackle if safe; evacuate; call fire brigade; notify LL
        • Something has crashed into property: phone 999; notify LL.
        • Explosion: move to safety; phone 999; notify LL
        • For most things, once action has been taken to minimise damage to property and tenants no urgent action is required by LL; it can be sorted over the next 24 hours)

        For "notify LL": "email me", or if it is urgent for the upkeep of the property, then call me ("I've lost my keys" is not urgent, just inconvenient to T) and if you cannot contact me then find a tradesman who can make it safe (list of preferred tradesmen given to T).

        True emergencies requiring immediate action by LL are rare.
        Most issues are things that can wait a week or so, to when your tradesman can fit it in.


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