Possible to end tenancy early?

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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post

    Please, for your own sake. They are free.

    Many solicitors are very nice, know about divorce and buying/selling property but next to nothing about landlord/tenant law.
    This, call these people, LL/tenant and contract law are perilous.

    But, against what some have said above, remember that a Judge sitting in Court will not be sympathetic, or at least that sympathy won't sway the outcome - they're there to be totally impartial. Their only concern would be (if it even went as far as Court) were the terms of this contract breached?


      Shelter aren't a) in a position to give advice on something this complex or b) able to take on the case and write letters etc.

      They're good on property law, but this is more complex than that.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Things have taken a rather disappointing turn 😔
        After lengthy discussion with letting agents I really thought we had turned a corner. They promised me I would have no more visits from the LL’s abusive contractor. Reported no heating last Friday and finally today a contractor employed by the LA came, really nice man, but could not fix heating, also discovered that damp issues are a result of the extension not being tied to the building so it’s literally falling off, there’s a large crack roof to ground where water is coming in, the entire side of the house has a green mouldy wall to the exterior. It was found none of the gutters were clear which was also causing water to run down walls further exacerbating the problem. I moved in mid August, prior to which property had been on sales market for 2 years, it seems unlikely LL was not aware of these issues.

        The handman who came could not repair heating, I have two boilers and it’s not clear how they connect to thermostat, all radiators also need bleeding and some need a replacement knob to turn them on or off. So he referred work to a heating engineer. That was this morning, he called me back to explain LL will not engage with any engineers and wants her contractor to do the work. To say I’m livid and beyond frustration is an understatement - this is her boyfriend and not a professional contractor or heating engineer, presumably the same man who painted over the existing damp issues.

        where do I go from here? I do not want this man in my house. They asked me if the same man could collect LL’s post this week and again I explained that no, I felt very threatened by him and don’t want him here, I agreed to leave post in safe location outside and two days later he has showed up on my doorstep. Can I refuse a contractor on the basis he was rude and threatening previously?


          Think you are putting yourself in a difficult position by complaining about works that need doing, and then not letting the works proceed (and trying to dictate the choice of workmen).

          Bleeding radiators is easy and arguably a job for tenants to do (depending on the radiators). If that is the thing that is wrong with the heating, it does not need a heating engineer.


            AndrewDod the handyman who attended couldn’t turn on the radiators, it is not just the case that they need bleeding. The contractor who the landlord wishes to send has verbally abused me and threatened me on a previous visit, I am naturally very fearful of having him in my home again. As described in my previous posts the nature of his outburst has lead me to believe there may be an underlying drug problem and there were witnesses to this incident who were equally appalled by his behaviour and advised me to inform the police, I have not as I did not wish to further inflame the situation. The letting agents agreed it was unacceptable and have said they will use their own contractors which initially the LL agreed to, but now there are more serious issues (like the extension falling off the house!) they’ve asked to send their own contractor again. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable given this man has threatened me and I’m a woman living alone with 4 children. I’m not short of money and have even said I’ll contribute to the cost of an alternative contractor if the issue is cost. I’ve rented for 10 years and never had problems like this.


              Have you contacted Environmental Health?


                Is the contract a certified gas engineer? I'd be very worried if he isn't.

                Have you asked a reputable contractor to come out and assess the heating situation? It might be worth you while doing that if the call out fee isn't a problem.

                Put your complaints in detail, in writing to the agent and send two copies from different post offices and ask them to fix the issues within 14 days (although I think the gap between the house and the extension will take longer than 14 days to fix and might be quite disruptive). Include a factual, not emotional, report on what's happened so far. cc your local Environment Dept at your council.


                  Hi changing direction a little do you have any break clause in your contract meaning you may not have to stay for the full tenancy anyway, some have a break at 6 months so you can give notice at 4 months to leave.

                  Personally when showing my house even if it's summer I always have the heating turned on to show viewers that it's operational etc so you can take some learnings away from this horrible situation to make sure the new place you let will be much nicer. Also very handy to take someone on viewings that can be objective.

                  All the best I hope things improve


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