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    Issues with new LL & agent

    I posted here recently about LL not giving my deposit back (that’s still ongoing) and now I have issues with my new LL AND the letting agent. I’ve rented all my life and never had problems like this, tearing my hair out here!

    I am renting a high value property (3k a month) from a really reputable letting agent, a national brand. Despite this I’ve had a string of issues.

    1/I was not given the alarm code on moving in day, so I arrived with removals firm, alarm went off, spent 60 mins back and forth on the phone. As we entered the property it reeked of rotten egg. I was alerted this can indicate a gas leak but after a visit from the gas board and an electrician (I had to arrange this myself AS I WAS MOVING IN) it was found that the battery on the burglar alarm expired 4 years ago, it is overheating and causing the rotten stink. I’ve reported this and explained it’s a fire hazard, 14 days later there has still not been any resolution.

    2/ Despite asking ahead of moving in that the LL’s belongings would be removed from garage, AND having this written into tenancy agreement, I arrived I moving day to find the garage half full and a note from LL explaining this is ‘my half of the garage’. On moving day I was not able to fit my belongings in the garage and am still paying for them to be stored elsewhere.

    3/ Many rooms were missing light bulbs, the property was not professionally cleaned.

    4/ One window was found to be blown, with an actual hole in it.

    5/None of the roller blinds present actually work (they don’t roll up or down).

    6/ They sent LL’s ‘contractor’ (who I believe is a family member) to check reported issues, he said the burglar alarm wasn’t due to be maintained (!), we are encroaching on the landlords garage space (!!) and warned us not to use the field at the back of the property - which I also negotiated use of and pay extra for, also noted in tenancy.

    7/ A Gardner is included in my rent, I was reluctant to accept this as I have my own, but LL insisted. He was due to attend on Saturday, he did not, grass is overgrown now as 2 weeks since I moved in, no word.

    I have reported ALL of this to letting agent, despite this, 2 weeks later, nothing is resolved and I’m still living with the rotten egg smell from the overheating burglar alarm (which is still useless to me as I still don’t have a code).

    At this stage I’m embarrassed. I’ve been made to feel like an drama queen and inconvenience. Even the replies from some letting agent staff have been short and abrupt. I’m loathe to keep chasing them and so upset by it all. It was hands down the most stressful move I’ve ever had and I’m shocked that a well known letting agent conducts itself this way.

    I’ve already complained, listed the issues and also made clear that the burglar alarm issue is a fire hazard. I’ve supplied copies of my tenancy indicating the agreement RE the garage and field, explaining the former issue is urgent due to me paying for storage costs elsewhere. 14 days later and no progress and I don’t know what to do next. I don’t want to be a pain and get off on the wrong foot with the LL and agent, but feel like spending 3k a month I shouldn’t have these issues still. Im mortified to be treated like a diva for bringing these things up and at this stage embarrassed to chase after the way I’ve been treated.

    What is standard procedure with things like the above? 14 days seems like an unacceptable amount of time to wait for things to be resolved. Am I being unreasonable?

    Originally posted by May79
    Am I being unreasonable?
    Short answer, no.

    I would write to the landlord copying the agent giving them 14 days to remove the items from the garage after which they will be disposed of.

    Shelter has a protocol (here - which they are confident will stand up in court for you to propose at the same time.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      No mention in the tenancy agreement that you only have half the garage? If so I would be inclined to tell the agent and landlord to come clear it out immediately or it ends up in the garden. That's a blatent piss take.

      As for the burglar alarm, tell them you have had to disconnect it as it started smoking during the night, make up any old bs to speed up replacement process. Keep on at them daily to fix the issues.



        I'm very concerned about the rotten eggs smell:

        Over-charging a lead acid battery can produce hydrogen sulfide. The gas is colorless, very poisonous, flammable and has the odor of rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide also occurs naturally during the breakdown of organic matter in swamps and sewers; it is present in volcanic gases, natural gas and some well waters. Being heavier than air, the gas accumulates at the bottom of poorly ventilated spaces. Although noticeable at first, the sense of smell deadens the sensation with time and potential victims may be unaware of its presence.



          Thank you! Scary 😱
          I shared this link with the letting agent, despite having informed them numerous times it is an issue with the burglar alarm, I’ve just received a reply saying they’re confused that there’s a problem as they understand the smoke alarm was checked with the inventory 🙄

          I’ve been asked again to list the landlords items in the garage, for the third time - and reminded of the section in the tenancy agreement that states landlord may leave ‘mowers and garden tools’ despite me explaining there is furniture, a large fridge freezer and a ton of building materials and junk...

          I swear they don’t even read my emails ☹️



            The tenancy agreement clearly states that the LL must remove their belongings before tenancy commences. I cannot turn off the power to the alarm as it is designed to sound in those circumstances.



              Will do, thank you. I’m mortified to have to take such a firm line and concerned this won’t bode well if I need to extend the tenancy later. I had hoped it could be resolved amicably and swiftly without hassle.


                A particle of hydrogen sulphide is smaller than a particle of smoke so the smoke alarm won't detect it, the same as it won't detect perfume.


                  This comment is not only wrong, it also has nothing to do with the OP’s quote that you posted it to as a reply


                    Originally posted by ChrisDennison View Post
                    This comment is not only wrong, it also has nothing to do with the OP’s quote that you posted it to as a reply
                    What comment is wrong? Of course a molecule of H2S (about 130pm) is smaller than a particle of smoke (about 5 microns perhaps) - so smaller by a factor of about 10000


                      Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post

                      What comment is wrong? Of course a molecule of H2S (about 130pm) is smaller than a particle of smoke (about 5 microns perhaps) - so smaller by a factor of about 10000
                      I wrote this about a month ago... are you stalking me now?

                      Anyways, I don’t recall what this was in response to, it refers to a quotation but the only quotation in this thread is post #2 which obviously isn’t the one it refers to. This leads me to believe this was in response to a post that has been deleted since? But again, I don’t keep a list of my posts from a month ago in my mind, sorry.


                        your remedy is in damages, write the l/l a letter telling him if the following is not done within (specifiy a reasonable date) you intend with great reluctance to launch a claim for damages


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