Intimidating, threatening lodger..LL staying with family as scared for his safety.

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    Intimidating, threatening lodger..LL staying with family as scared for his safety.

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this and want to help a family member who's having trouble with his lodger,

    The landlord has had the police called out when the lodger got in the landlords face calling the LL a liar over a phone number or some such and the lodger won't let it go continually calling the LL a liar, and being verbally abusive and acting in an intimidating manner. He's also left the main house keys in the lock so the LL couldn't get back into his house when returning home - even after the LL knocked and calling the lodger to remove the key. The lodger also had a drink and drug problem and the LL isn't sure if this is still continuing - but that's by the by without proof.

    The LL has served notice with a witness and the lodger has said he won't leave and threatened to change the house locks when the LL goes out. The LL was warned by the lodgers father that he has previously pulled a knife on his own brother and not to go into his own property alone or be alone. The LL is now staying with his sister until the notice (28 days) is up, meanwhile the lodger has pulled all the kitchen cupboards and drawers out into the middle of the kitchen when the LL went home to collect some belongings. Now the LL has been called by the lodger saying there's a gas leak by the cooker - which there was so it was turned off following an emergency call out for safety, and following this the LL has organised British Gas to come out and repair the problem. The LL has sent a message telling the lodger British gas are coming out, and that the LL would be home at some point too, to which the lodger replied to the LL telling him not to bother.

    Where does the LL stand? he's afraid to go home now, so does he wait it out and hope the lodger leaves or by staying away is the lodger now a squatter?

    Thanks in advance :-)

    Change the locks on the property.



      If the lodger and landlord live in the same house and share facilities then the LL provides "reasonable notice" which is usually equal to one payment term ie weekly, 2-weekly, monthly etc.

      I would have thought that the involvement of the Police would support the term "reasonable" as being a rather short notice period.

      If the lodger has caused damage to the property and is threatening the LL then I would call the Police on 101 every time and get it recorded.

      If in the highly unlikely event that the lodger tries to take things further legally then the LL wants to have all the evidence compiled.


        Thank you ash72 and landlord-man.

        At the moment the landlord is too afraid to go home. He's staying with his family until the last week of the served notice where he'll have family stay with him.

        He has to visit his home for the gas repair tomorrow. If the lodger gets aggressive again, can the notice be changed to a sooner date? Also there's the threat that the lodger will change the locks on the landlord as he's not there.


          I would serve new notice giving a shorter period due to the damage caused.
          When it expires, call the police, and say that there's going to be an eviction and that you expect there to be a breach of the peace by the lodger being evicted and ask for a police presence.

          They may even agree,

          Or find several large and burly friends and acquaintances and turn up as a socially distant group.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            Yes, as JPK has stated, given the damage caused I would issue a very short period of notice.

            You say that family will move in with the LL for a period at the end of the notice period - move all your adult family members in ASAP - on the proviso that they do not get into a fight with the Lodger and then issue a short notice period.

            Phone the Police and see if you can arrange for a PC to pop in to the property to share your concerns about the lodger, what his father has stated, the damage and threats and that you believe there will be a disturbance when he is asked to vacate.

            By speaking with them to explain the issues beforehand, they are more likely to help you on eviction day - unless a more serious matter comes up and you cant blame them for that.

            Either have a locksmith ready or google changing locks and buy your own as they are pretty easy to change.

            I'm a huge believer in logging every incident with the Police. For most issues they will give you a reference and do nothing more BUT if everyone reported everything, reported crime would increase and detection % drop - we would then start to get more Police again.

            Sadly, people have given up reporting crime and that's why Police numbers are slashed.


              As said the LL and his friends need to move in, by the time the notice period is up he may not have a house to go back too..... and yes call the Police on every occasion.


                Thank you for your replies :-)

                They've LL and some family have gone to meet the gas engineers today at the LL's home and the kitchen is still in a mess from when the lodger had been cleaning Monday. Everything was still in the middle of the kitchen and he'd moved the tumble drier into the hall and cut off the plug? he'd also taken money out the LL coat pocket hanging on the coat rack.

                How short is reasonable - if there is such a thing in these types of case?

                The LL can return to his home Saturday with family able to stay from then (his sister - no burly friends unfortunately)

                Again, thank you all for your advice.


                  I cannot stress enough that the owner needs to get back in the house and take charge of his biggest asset, what the lodger has done is criminal damage and he needs to go now, i would give him a week max to leave and after that period change the locks (if he kicks off call them asap and say you want him gone now) and if he is still there call the Police as he is a trespasser, does the owner suffer from mental illness or is he vulnerable due to a disability of some kind ? Him leaving his home to be effectively taken over and trashed by someone else is not normal behavior.


                    Report the theft of money to the police.
                    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                      , he is a very nervous landlord, and does have some mental health issues I believe. Hence why he won't stay there on his own.

                      I've relayed the advice and he's planning to give a week as suggested, he'll move back in Saturday, hopefully he'll still have a house by then.

                      Thank you all again for your great advice.


                        Reasonable notice in this situation can be 24 hours. I certainly wouldn't give him longer. There is no action the lodger can take as reasonable notice in all the circumstances is totally subjective and the Protection of Eviction Act does not apply to excluded occupiers as in this case. An excluded occupier is a licensee, aka a lodger.


                          Is this LL in the right job?


                            Originally posted by mariner View Post
                            Is this LL in the right job?
                            I did think this myself, it is not even as remote as renting a property you do not call home, this is his main residence !! Not a chance anyone would be moving into my home, there are enough sociopaths out there as it is without having the possibility of living with one.


                              Personally, I wouldn't give a week. 24 hours is sufficient given the intimidation, theft and damage.

                              Actually, if I went back and found more damage, I'd give him 1 hour, call the Police and explain that you have told him to vacate and he is now trespassing.

                              You really do need someone (two is better) who can stand up to this guy - I fear the LL and his sister just won't be effective on their own.

                              And don't forget the new locks and to check all other areas of access (ie part open windows).

                              While videoing any conversation with this guy is probably only going to wind him up, I would certainly press voice record on my phone and just keep it to your side recording any conversation.


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