Broken TV/ Advice needed please.

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    Broken TV/ Advice needed please.

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some advice please, hoping someone might be able to help.


    Myself and my partner are currently in our notice period for a flat we have been in for over 6 years (our choice, needed somewhere bigger). We rent this via a leasing agency.

    The flat came with a tv which broke in the second year of us living there and was replaced by the landlord.
    The inventory was not updated to reflect the change in make/model.

    At the start of lockdown, this tv broke as well. This was reported but due to the restrictions at the time they couldn't get someone in to have a look/repair it.

    The leasing agency gave us the option of buying our own replacement and once the restrictions had eased they would look into repairing the tv.
    We bought a replacement on the condition we would be taking it with us when we moved which was accepted.

    We have now moved out (we are still within our notice period for the old flat, we have approx. 10 days left)

    We went to move the broken tv back to its mount on the wall to match the ingoing inventory photos and we have accidently cracked the screen.

    What is the best thing to do in this situation? We are absolutely gutted because we are good tenants and we're on track to receive near enough the full deposit and a replacement would wipe that out more or less.

    Any advice is gratefully received.


    Accidents happen, and you admit that it was your fault.

    Strictly you are liable for making god the LL's loss - ie. the cost of the broken TV, less 4 years of it's expected life because it's 4 years old.
    I'm not sure what the expected life is for a TV, someone else here will know.

    But there again how do you calculate the LL's loss for extra damange to something that was already broken?

    As it was already broken though you could argue that they had accepted that they would be left with a broken one when they gave you the option of buying your own.

    Because they gave you that option then, depending just how they worded the option, whether theirs had been repaired or not you would still be taking your own with you at the end of the tenancy.


      If you were my tenant and told me what had happened I would appreciate your honesty and say don't worry about it. After 6 years as a tenant and presumably no issues why would you?


        Any difficulty with Landlord, dispute with the deposit protection scheme. Or call Shelter Scotland 0808 800 4444
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          The economic value of the fixing the TV may out weigh the cost of replacing it. The landlord would need to obtain t2 estimates 1 for the original issue and 2 the fix for the screen. This may be more work then required and most LL's would right it off, I certainly would have. Also I'm sure the LL wont be providing a TV in the property to the next T.


            Do you know if it was repairable before it was cracked? That will help you determine its value immediately prior to your accident.


              I think modern tellies are more or less throwaway items, aren't they?

              Fess up, but I doubt it will be a problem.
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                Tell the LL what happened. The TV was 4 years old (i.e. not new). If they want you to replace it (although they might let you off), you could offer to get a used TV (off eBay for around £50). As long as the spec is similar, I doubt they would be too bothered. This all depends on how friendly the LL is. I'd avoid going through the letting agent though, they usually tend to wave the rule book to avoid contacting the LL too much - deal direct with the LL if you can.

                If I have tenants who have paid rent in full and on time for more than a couple of years, and generally looked after the house, I tend to write off a litle bit of damage.


                  Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
                  If you were my tenant and told me what had happened I would appreciate your honesty and say don't worry about it. After 6 years as a tenant and presumably no issues why would you?
                  I would go along with that view.

                  Also take a look on FB Marketplace - you can find modern era TVs on there from Free to £40/£50 so could put one of those up if LL / LA suggest you will be charged.
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