Question RE broken door frame - should it be repaired or can landlord nail door shut?

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    Question RE broken door frame - should it be repaired or can landlord nail door shut?


    TLRD - Our lounge has two entrances. The frame on one entrance is broken due to wear and tear, and the door is falling off. Landlord wants to nail the broken door shut. We'd like to keep the door functional. Are we right to argue for getting the door repaired?

    My partner and I are new tenants in a rented property (we moved in just over a month ago). The lounge of the house has two doors going in and out of the room. One of these doors is falling off, due to a crack in the door frame - the screws of the hinges no longer fix in place due to the crack. The wood of the frame is rotting and would need to be replaced, so a new door could be attached. For now we've left the door close to shut - it doesnt shut properly due to the carpet dragging on the bottom of the door, and some malalignment between the door and frame itself.

    Our landlord would like to nail the door shut, with the long term intention of bricking up the door. For some context, the lounge was once split into a lounge and dining room by a wall, with doors going from the hallway into each room. The wall has since been removed (prior to our tenancy), giving one big lounge/room with one door at the front end of the house and one door at the back.

    If the door were to be nailed shut we'd still have an entrance to the lounge at the front end of the house. However, we like having a door to the lounge at the back end of the house, it opens into the hallway and then the kitchen. This is ideal for us as we intend to use the back end of the lounge as a dining room, with a table and chairs etc.

    I've read that landlords are responsible for certain repairs in the 'Landlord and Tenant Act 1985' but not sure if this would apply in our case.

    From our point of view, when we viewed the house the lounge had two working entrances and we'd like it to remain that way. So we're wondering:

    Is it justified for us to ask for the door to be repaired?

    Can a landlord nail broken doors shut - assuming we're still able to access the room via another door?

    Thanks for any advice!

    It should be repaired by LL.


      If you rented the place with two doors then the LL should replace the broken door - unless:

      You agree to the change to a single door.

      You broke the door in which case it would be your responsibility to replace it. But again any change from original 2 doors would need to be agreed between you and the LL.


        Yes it is justified, but it seems your ll is not the best so you could ask and go to council but there is a possibility he could ask you to leave


          Anna1985 it's the beginning of the fixed term so ll cannot serve a s21.


            No, but LL can expect T to compensate him for any repairs.


              mariner why? The tenant clearly says the door frame is in a poor state of repair . . .


                Thank you for the responses, nice to be reassured and we'll contact the LL to discuss further.


                  Let T approach ADR for a decision on that!


                    It amazes me that these petty Landlords are out there.

                    FFS the LL should just replace the frame and door.

                    If the LL wants to brick up the door he/she can wait until the property is vacant and then do it.


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