Please help , not received a copy of tenancy

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    1. It seems to me the landlord is trying to be accommodating and you are being impatient. They have already told you they are waiting for the new TA to be signed by the replacement tenant and once that is back you will be released.

    2.I believe the issue of the copy of the tenancy agreement has been asked and answered on your previous thread.

    3. Having 4 near duplicate threads on the same forum is not a good idea.


      Originally posted by spaiel96 View Post
      Hi All i had to make a new acount
      There seems to be a problem at the moment with logging in, it looks like a security measure that is throwing a wobblie now and again.
      You will probably find that your previous account still works if you try again.

      We had a verbal agreement that I could leave my belongings in the property over July rent-free as long as I physically left the house ( same as the other tenants).
      Maybe a bit unusual but also maybe fair enough in a student let if you agreed to it. Gives the LL a chance to make any repairs/updates while the place is empty.

      But she can't (legally) hold your belongings to ransom whatever you agreed verbally or in writing.

      As I see it then as long as you moved out on or before the 30th June 2020 and gave the keys back then your fixed term tenancy from 2019 to 2020 has ended and there is nothing the LL can do about that.
      If your are not there after the fixed term then there is no "being released from the latter", the tenancy has ended. (Although there may still be deposit issues ongoing).
      If you were still living there after 30 June 2020, or still had the keys, then it's a different case.

      The new tenancy agreement from October 2020 is a new agreement with the same LL, but as long as you did move out on or before 30th June then that is a whole different agreement from last years agreement.
      Leaving belongings there complicates things a bit, and if you kept a key even more so.
      If you kept a key then you almost certainly still had a tenancy even if you were not living there or paying rent. (You had just moved out temporarily as a favour to the landlord).

      The keys are important, if you didn't give the keys back then you most likely still have a tenancy regardless of if you sign a new one or not.
      Again complicated by the fact that it was a joint tenancy with others, one joint tenant giving notice can end the tenancy for all joint tenants.


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