Just about ready to rent, couple of ?s

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    Just about ready to rent, couple of ?s

    1. do I need to provide lampshades in all the rooms (or any of them), renting unfurnished.

    2. There is access to a loft / attic on the upper floor, do I need to give the tenents access or can I lock it? The water mains, elec mains and gas mains are located below this level, so no real need for them to be in there.


    Get a detailed inventory prepared

    1.You don't have to put in lampshades if you dont want to. List on inventory if you are including lampshades or bare bulbs.

    2. If the tenants see the loft hatch unlocked they may assume they'll have access to it. If the loft not boarded tenant could fall through if careless so you open to negligence claim. I'd suggest keep it locked and this to be noted in the contract and on inventory.

    Make sure you have a detailed inventory prepared, listing meter readings. do this list with tenant and get them to counter signed.

    At our cost we have learnt; ensure all rooms have adequate heating, electric shower, alarms and ventilation - bathroom and kitchen fitted with humidistat fans. This way if boiler packs up tenant can still have hot shower, the fans will address humidity/mould.

    Hope this of use to you.



      Thanks for your advice.



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