OpenRent? - missing Holding Deposit anyone?

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    OpenRent? - missing Holding Deposit anyone?

    I have a potential tenant who says he used the OpenRent link I sent him and has paid the Holding Deposit (on Sunday).

    Its now Tuesday and Ive heard nothing from OpenRent, there is no indication of payment in my dashboard and the property is still Live on their system (not so bad).

    Has anyone experienced this with OpenRent please?

    The potential Tenant claims the OR system told him it takes 5 days to process his Holding Deposit payment - that seems strange to me.


    ps I have emailed OR but curious to get feedback as to whether this is normal for them.

    I would never use this particular feature of the online agent platforms.


      Openrent holds this money, they will pay it to the LL if the T then withdraws from the process. They are trying to keep it a closed loop so you take out all their services from collecting rent etc.


        BUT they havent told me they have received the money.



          Now, the potential tenant has paid the Holding Deposit (so he lied when he said he paid it Sunday?)

          Instead of a £112 Holding Deposit he paid £111 - is that the OR system allowing him to enter the wrong amount or the OR system asking for the wrong amount ??

          He misspelt his name - so I now have to reject him and ask him to start again?

          He supplied Guarantor details (with an .eu email address) - why? - did OR ask him or has he supplied it by his choice? If he supplied it without being asked, I have to decide on 2 x referencing and also question why he supplied it unless OR asked for the guarantor.

          IF OR asked him for a guarantor - why?

          I am finding the OR system very difficult to follow as I have no way of seeing what OR are sending or asking potential renters.

          I have sent an email to OR asking all the above but they take 6hr-24hr to respond - they dont appear to have a phone number I can call them on.


            I've just looked through my phone. Last time I used OpenRent, I got a text immediately to tell me that an applicant had paid the holding deposit (although they wouldn't send you a text if this happened on a Sunday night after 10pm). It would be on your dashboard though.

            My applicant thought they might need a guarantor and sent a text to tell me that the system wouldn't let them fill in the guarantor's details at that stage. From what I remember, I had to add the requirement for a guarantor to their application later down the line and the applicant then provided the guarantor's details.

            I think you're being given the runaround. If I were in your position, I'd reject them completely and look for another tenant. Being economical with the truth from the outset isn't a good sign.



              Number for Openrent

              020 3322 2733

              All the best Stew.


                Thank You - I couldnt find anything on their website


                  As far as I see they prefer people to use email so it's not that easy to find, you can find it on google and on their twitter feed, good luck

                  All the best


                    The whole thing sounds flaky - in order to take a Holding Deposit there must be a Holding Deposit Agreement/Reservation Agreement - who issued this and what control did you have over the wording? It sounds like a scheme for taking money from applicants with little/no protection


                      If the tenant lies from the outset and can't get his own name right what hopes for the future!


                        A non UK guarantor is next to useless. If they're not UK based I would move on.


                          The potential tenant is 56 and isn't used to smartphones so I think it was a simple finger slip to misspell his first name lol

                          He gave his bosses email for a reference but mistakenly put it under the guarantor section - his boss is uk-based but the business is a EU wide entity (standardised emails used across Europe).

                          The reference process asked for his permission to access his bank account - and that sent alarm bells ringing for him (as it would me) - but he does have the option to submit bank statements (no doubt by post as he's not computer literate).

                          We shall see how things pan out.

                          Incidentally, my wife (46) would also have issues doing a lot of the tech stuff too (she can do FB and emails but thats about it)


                            I'm older than 56.
                            I make the occasional mistake (yesterday I miscounted six months on this very forum) but I rarely misspell my own name.
                            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                              His reference came back indicating he would be suitable for a rent of up to £900 pcm - lol I need to up my rent.

                              OpenRent have issued the AST which he has signed and now waiting for me.

                              Puzzled by a clause in the AST though.....

                              13.4 The Landlord gives the Tenant notice under the Housing Act 1988 that possession may be recovered on the following grounds:
                              1. Ground 2: The Premises is subject to a mortgage granted before the beginning of the tenancy, and the mortgagee is entitled to exercise a power of sale conferred on them by the mortgage or by section 101 of the Law of Property Act 1925 and the mortgagee requires possession of the Premises for the purpose of disposing of it with vacant possession.

                              We dont have a mortgage on the property nor have we indicated to OR that we have - so is that a std clause that goes in?

                              We have lived in the property and may want to live in it again - should there be a clause in the AST to that effect? - again, we werent given any options or asked questions for things like this.

                              I am thinking the AST should make reference to a Ground 1 notice?


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