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  • Need to pursue social renting sector

    My circumstances are due to change this September and I am not sure if I will be able to keep up my rent payments what with the change of income. So I am thinking I might need to go to the council, aarrgghhh!!!! I can't even look to rent something cheaper, there is nothing cheaper in my area.

    I have explained this to my landlord and have said that he will need to evict me if this is the case.

    But I was thinking maybe it would be better to do it asap seeing as the whole process could take awhile and I would rather leave without owing him rent. I can pay with no problem until September. I am assuming he would prefer this too.

    But I know this process is not going to be easy on either of us, so I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make it run a bit smoother? Or what I can expect? I am praying they don't make him take me to court. I can't see the logic in that, seeing as I would be liable for the court fees and I am suppose to be 'vulnerable', not sure how that is helpful to anyone.

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    The council will not re-house you if you have made yourself homeless. Make an appointment with your local housing advice centre ( at your council ) and discuss the options.


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      yes for sure, I will do that, thank you

      Unfortunately for me I will be homeless through no fault of my own within the foreseeable future. I really didn't want to give my landlord grief, so thought I could pre-empt it if I kept up communication with him.


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        Depending on what the change in circs is, the council will not necessarily find you intentionally homeless just because you choose to leave, particularly if you don't have any arrears. Nor should they wait until the landlord goes to court- quote the government's Code of guidance on homelessness. In any case, if you give the landlord notice, he would have no reason to go to court.As suggested, go to the council asap, and go to your local C.A.B. for help if you need to challenge the council's decision. There may also be Housing Associations in your area which might be able to help you.


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          Thank you, you are both right, I deffo need to get some advice and thing this through. Hopefully I can get something sorted before my income changes!

          I should think there is nothing worse as a landlord than having a property not making any money with annoying T's that won't move out! I just don't like the thought of being a pain and deffo do not want to be in debt with my landlord.


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