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    New Tenancy Info Gathering Form


    Looking for some feedback please - is this legal and what would you add or remove.

    Im aware that I need to register with ICO (the form would be deleted as soon as a 3rd party reference was completed)

    This form is being used to stop any wasted viewings and costly referencing (we would not conduct a reference if the form revealed a poor history and the person wasnt upfront about it to us).

    Also, given that a viewing and referencing is likely to take 10-14 days, I want to be able to retain all or part of a Holding Deposit if a potential tenant blatantly lies on the form and/or referencing - after all, the property will lose upto 10-14 days rental income because of any untruths.

    Comments welcome

    The form is located at -

    I have a tenant application form that I retain in addition to the referencing report. It asks similar questions to yours with the addition of their NI number. I believe that its useful to retain such information. In any event, it makes no difference to your legal obligations, which with or without the form would be to issue the tenant with a copy of your detailed privacy notice at the earliest opportunity and to register with the ICO.


      Thanks re the NI Number - what information does it actually provide to you by asking for it?

      Thanks re the Privacy Notice - hopefully this one will suffice -

      I've seen some forms which ask for start and end dates for both work and homes, previous landlord name and address, employer contact details and even current bank details.

      I'm hoping my form will ask just enough to make someone bother to complete it but also enough to put off the chancers.

      I plan to get 3rd party referencing so I dont think I need to go full blown on my form.


        If I was a tenant I'd look at a different property. That's a lot of information to provide just to view a property. IMO some would better asked if they want to rent it rather than just view.


          We only issue such a form once the tenants have viewed and agreed to take the property, but ours are students so we don't need all the probing questions about jobs etc.
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            Originally posted by royw View Post
            That's a lot of information to provide just to view a property.
            Thank You - thats why I asked for the feedback.

            I also wonder if just asking the following would be better.........

            - Name
            - Age
            - Salary confirmation (to cover rent at 35% of salary level?)
            - Smoker
            - Pets
            - Confirmation that tenancy for 1 person only
            - Any CCJs etc
            - Will previous LL provide a reference

            I guess that replies to those would show me whether to move forward or not.


              Prior to viewings I only ask a few questions over the phone to filter out those to whom I wouldn't rent. I do this because I haven't given them my privacy statement at that point. Once a tenant has been selected I give them the notice, get them to complete the application form and start referencing.

              The RLA privacy notice is fine, if a little long, but don't forget its a template like their tenancy agreements. You have to complete the relevant sections with your own processes and info.


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