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    EICR Question regarding RCB


    I've recently had an EICR done on my residential let. The property is a one bed flat in London, about 10 to 15 years old.

    The EICR is unsatisfactory with a C2 rating due to the fact that the fuse boxes did not have what is called an RCB. It has an older mechanism called MCB. The electrician has recommended the boxes be changed to an RCB one which will cost about £750 in order for the EICR to be satisfactory.

    I was slightly surprised by this. I've been reading up regulations since just to learn a bit more about what is required.

    I completely do not mind remediating something that is required, however, I don't want to be taken for a ride here to install something that is a nice to have. I have read that not having RCB is does not necessarily result in an unsatisfactory report but it's will result in a recommendation only to upgrade. What a C2 rating means is that it's not safe for continued use. However, if this is the case, surely most of the properties out there would fail the EICR which doesn't make sense to me especially given it's a new building.

    I wanted to ask for the experience people have here with EICRs.

    Many thanks.

    It's a government sponsored scam. Unless you keep instructing electricians until you find an honest one, you are on a hiding to nothing.

    Just smile & pay up, and make a mental note to ask for the extra amount spread over the next five years rent.


      I recently had a new metal box with rcds fitted and earth rod (can't be earthed to water pipes any more) cost £320. The electrician is taking the p*ss though I think a lot of them are now. Mine had fuse wires so definitely time for an upgrade.


        You might be better off posting your question on a D.I.Y or building forum with an electrical sub forum for more accurate answers from people in the trade but if you have a read of the thread in the link I have attached it seems as though much of the decisions come down to the opinion of the person doing the check.



          If your fuse box is not RCD protected then I agree with your electrician that it should be updated. As a new fuse box installation also then requires testing I would expect to pay around £500.

          In short your electrician sounds expensive but the work should be done to ensure your property is safe as well as complying with legislation. Perhaps get another quote.


            Originally posted by jpucng62 View Post
            Perhaps get another quote.
            That doesn't help much, as of course another electrician will 'need' to test the installation again, never mind that he may come up with different findings.


              700 is toppy, my electrician charges 350 for a new consumer unit and EICR combined. These latest regs have me scribbling down houses that don't have RCD, and I'm up to 7 so far that need new boards, and potentially one that needs a full rewire however that one is going to have to wait until tenant leaves.

              Long overdue these electrical checks if you ask me, I've seen some very old installations in houses I've bought that have been previous rentals and they were utter death traps.


                Quoted £320+vat for new consumer unit as the lighting circuit didn't have RCD. Price also includes some bonding & trunking and downgrading a fuse!
                But the inspection was another £150+vat for a 2 bed flat.


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