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    My tenant is due to move out in a few weeks time, I have never been through this process before and wondered if the more experienced of you out there could advise me on what, how and when I need to do things?.

    Just to add a little bit of information, my tenant has been difficult but I have no reason to presume that they won't move out, I just need to ensure everything is done properly !. Appropriate section 21b notice was served last November to expire after the last day of the tenancy, about a month ago I wrote to the tenant reminding them that I require the property at the end of the AST and that I required access for the property to be viewed for sale, they have complied to an extent but objected to the property being shown for letting.

    The tenancy comes to end on a Sunday in May, I would have prefered the letting agent to have done it, but I am sure the office is closed on Sunday's. I haven't said anything to them about checkout as yet, any advice on what I should say in a letter about checkout and how should the checkout be done?. obviously I need to write to them about checkout, but do I state the time etc, i.e. noon on that the tenancy expires?.

    Just want to make sure I get this right !


    By the time the tenant is due to move out they will owe 2 months rent, the deposit was protected by the deposit protection scheme and the tenant notified of this within the specified time period.

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    I have a standard letter I use for checkouts, details the procedure I use for handing the keys back and reminds the tenants that they should clear all their belongings from the property and leave it clear and tidy.
    Send me a PM with your email address if you would like a copy.


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