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    I wondered if anyone could help me. I have a letting agent but they want to charge me £800 to issue N5B. Although i've found out the court costs are only £150. So i'm going to try & fill it in myself and want to get it right to avoid a court hearing.

    The tenancy agreement had ended & we issued a S21 which expired yesterday. The tenant will not move as the CAB & local council have told her that until she is served with eviction papers the council will not house her. This has caused problems for my new tenant as her & her daughter are now sleeping in a friends spare room.

    I will be getting copies of her 1st & last tenancy agreement along with the section 21. And getting the letting agent to fill in a Certificate of Service.

    These are the parts i've filled in on the N5B. Can anyone tell me if this is correct.

    3, The first & last tenancy dates.
    4, Do i just circle the letter that applies to me.
    5, Can i just cross this through, it doesnt seem to delete when you down load it.
    7, The date the S21 was given to her & the letting agents name & address. And the date date the S21 expired.
    7B, Can i cross through the bits that dont apply?
    8, Is it worth saying that she has been advised to go down this route so that the council will house her. Therefore not causing any hardship to her if she is evicted.
    10, Is it likely that she will have to pay my court costs?

    Is there anything else i need to do?

    Any advice much appreciated. Sorry if i've waffled on!!!

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