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  • Lz Rules Of Conduct

    LandlordZONE notes with dismay the recent upsurge in 'self-advertising' posts and an unpleasant increase in inter-member abusive posts.

    With immediate effect, therefore:
    - any post containing abuse of a member by name will be deleted, no matter what else it contains. Measured criticism of views is acceptable; personal vendettas are not [you know who you are!]
    - all threads must keep to the subject at hand. A new subject warrants a new thread. Humorous posts should be confined to "Take a Break" and not clog-up threads elsewhere [you know who you are!] Non-compliance means that offending posts will be deleted.
    - any post containing a highlighted website address will be assumed to be self-advertising (and will be deleted) UNLESS posted by a Senior Member OR the website is a known public resource and clearly not associated with the member who mentions it.

    Within two weeks from today (23rd. April), ALL members must remove website addresses and e-mail addresses from their 'Signature' text. From 7 May, such addresses will be treated as advertising too.

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