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    Yes some courts in England have opened, some are also doing video courts.


      Jon66: No, that's not the way it was. I reported disrepair time and time again, one leak was from 2015 and still not fixed now in 2020. I fell into rent arrears when the landlord refused to do anything about the dangerous bath. For the past 10 years previously, I paid the rent on time, every time. The inescapable question should be: as a landlord, would you pay for (or even live in) a property with roof leaks, bath leaks, mould and damp up the wall, rat infestation, ivy, no proper lock, a porch which drips rainwater everytime it rains. Would you? Really? Would you keep paying rent even if you had complained and documented it by email? Really?

      Theartfullodger: your response and attitude is woeful. I didn't ask for sarcasm, I hate being in this situation and would do anything not to owe rent arrears or being evicted. No doubt you think I'm a benefit fraud and deserve everything I get. Corbin's benefit-scrounging scum? I'm not actually. I did everything I could to pay the rent for 10 years and be a good tenant despite these disrepair problems. So please jump down from your high horse. Not everyone is a tenant with no morals.

      JPkeates: thank you for your straightforward reply, which I really appreciate.


        People who are writing here try to find support. We don’t know the full story or their life. It is better to be kind.


          I have tried to set out my problems in a non-emotional way and have received sarcastic responses.
          I would do ANYTHING not to be in this situation. I would do all the work I could to repay the rent arrears. However, the fact remains, the disrepair pre-dates the rent arrears by about 6 years.
          My landlord, btw, has three houses, and a yacht and jets off to Bali. In stark contrast, I'm on disability benefits and my illness has been made a lot worse because of all of this.


            I am sure there will be no hearing. Can your landlord give you details ? Maybe it is small court hearing ?


              I don't know what to think.. I haven't received Court papers from anyone, let alone a Small Claims Hearing for unpaid rent. Surely the Court would have written to me, yet there has been absolutely nothing. Is it possible for a Landlord to take me to Court for unpaid rent at this stage when I'm still in the property and disputing I owe them full rent due to disrepair? I haven't received anything from the Court. Not a single communication. It could be that the post wasn't delivered, but I find it odd that the landlord's solicitors emailed me today to advise that there is a hearing next week and I haven't been advised of a single thing until this afternoon. I would have most certainly responded to any Court papers and defended them. I'm ill with worry.


                Who has been sarcastic, I can't see any sarcastic responses? If you seek advice on a public forum you will receive an array of responses.

                The fact is, there is a way of dealing with disrepair issues, the law exists, but you have stopped paying rent and don't appear to have sought help to deal with the issues through environmental health, shelter or cab, or a law centre, in more than six years. You have chosen to not pay your rent. You have been given pretty good advice on here from a few people, and saying your landlord has 3 houses, a yacht and jets off to Bali is nothing to do with you.


                  Contact the court and ask them.


                    Jon66: there were sarcastic responses from a person further up. It's there to read.
                    I did contact CAB and my local council. I told my landlord in 2014 there was a leak, nothing done. Same again in 2017, 2018. Told in 2019 bath tub was dangerous, don't bath, nothing done by LL. At that same time, LL was on holiday on his yacht in Bali whilst I had not heating during the coldest day in November with rain coming through the roof. There's a difference between my own circs and those of the Landlord. Granted there are two sides to every story.

                    Can my Landlord get a money judgement against me at this stage?


                      Yes if they have claimed for it, but it depends on what basis the possession proceedings are made. I don't think there was sarcasm, just a character. Artfuls comment re benefits is referring to himself, and he gave good advice re shelter. And some landlords are bad we know that, but I'm not one of the bad ones. And I have a yacht.


                        Originally posted by beryl View Post
                        Can my Landlord get a money judgement against me at this stage?
                        Yes, the courts are still just about functioning, so a money claim is still possible, if unlikely.
                        If a landlord came here seeking advice about a tenant in arrears, I would suggest a money claim rather than a possession claim, in the first instance.

                        However, tou should still receive court papers before any hearing.

                        And any money claim would have no impact on the possession of the property.

                        Why do you think there's a hearing?
                        Who told you there was a hearing?
                        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                          Op said the landlord's solicitor emailed her.


                            Solicitors have a code of practice.
                            They can't conjure possession hearings out of thin air.
                            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                              Unless it's a money claim? They are being heard at some courts as can come under priority 2 civil claims . I think op hasn't understood quite what's happening, but no paperwork doesn't help.


                                If it is money claim then why the landlord is saying to Beryl that there is a hearing about Beryl's eviction ? Beryl needs to get in touch with the solicitor. Something is not right here.


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                                  by Hudson01
                                  Simple answer...... yes i do. Let us also remember that even if the courts do find for you the kind of monies you are likely to get is peanuts. This (and others) is the reason i will not take prospective tenants on HB or UC.
                                  13-07-2020, 17:13 PM
                                • Tenant Debt
                                  by ash72
                                  I had a T 2 years ago who I successfully evicted due to property damage and rent arrears totally £8.5k. After talking with the council, I've found out the T was overpaid in housing benefit to a total of £6k, they have now started to claim this back by not paying the benefits until the debt of £6k...
                                  13-07-2020, 15:13 PM
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                                  by Jon66

                                  Yes absolutely agree with you, that is what happens. But the previous system apparently did not work, where the deposit was taken and never returned, and deductions made that were not genuine losses, apparently . . .. The problem is there are some very bad landlords...
                                  13-07-2020, 14:22 PM
                                • Landlords' lack of rights?
                                  by Lawcruncher
                                  In another thread:


                                  (a) What substantial rights do landlords lack which you think they should have?
                                  (b) What rights do tenants have which you think they should lose?
                                  (c) If landords were to get the rights you think they should have and tenants were...
                                  10-07-2020, 09:31 AM
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                                  by AndrewDod

                                  Yes that does seem silly (obviously your own time is not a tax-deductible expense but that is a different issue.

                                  But deposit deductions have to do with notional diminution in value -- there is no need to actually repair -- but the reality is that...
                                  13-07-2020, 13:26 PM
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                                  by Berlingogirl
                                  [QUOTE=mind the gap;n1113945]

                                  But you can't charge for your own time as a LL if you make the repairs yourself. That's what I meant....
                                  13-07-2020, 12:21 PM
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                                  by landlord-man
                                  There was no deposit left as such as he'd stopped paying the rent just before he went.

                                  If it was a monetary debt (yes, I know the extra cleaning was a cost) then I would usually take it to MCOL, but at present there is too much going on to bother with it.

                                  I have taken 3 people...
                                  13-07-2020, 10:22 AM
                                • Deep Fat Fryer Restriction
                                  by landlord-man
                                  Anyone place a deep fat fryer restriction in their AST ?
                                  12-07-2020, 10:34 AM
                                • Reply to property to be used as childcare
                                  by Ted.E.Bear
                                  it depends on the size, but use of the home for an office or childminding is specifically mentioned in planning permission guidance.

                                  “Homeworking does not necessarily require planning permission. Permission is not normally required where the use of part of a dwelling house for business...
                                  13-07-2020, 10:17 AM
                                • property to be used as childcare
                                  by Radekal
                                  Hello, we are landlords of a terraced house with a garden. Recently our tenants requested our permission to utilise the ground floor room as child care and run it as a small business.
                                  I would be grateful for any information and potential issues for us as landlords. We still pay mortgage and our
                                  09-07-2020, 05:41 AM