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    Originally posted by endymion View Post

    Well, partly, but mainly I'm considering whether the sheds would have to be explicitly excluded from the tenancy in the AST. It's a question of what would be considered the default position in law.
    Then you need to go the route I said. Unless there is a lease which specifically defines the demise of Flat X that includes the shed(s) there is no reason at all to explicitly exclude anything.


      Originally posted by MdeB View Post

      I believe the OP is coming from the position of:
      • The LL has granted us the right, beyond the tenancy agreement, to use two sheds.
      • Would the law consider that having granted that use, the LL cannot unilaterally withdraw the use of those sheds?
      Possibly, although I was basing my comment on this phrase in the original post:

      Originally posted by endymion View Post
      The back garden contains a large outbuilding comprising ten sheds. Implicitly, then, two sheds per flat.


        A shed/garfage is not residential and therfore it cannot be an AST, though it may have a Leasing Agreement.
        LA is reqd to give you your LLs address if requested in writing.


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