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    The work and care you are doing for your landlady is laudable but not really the point in all this, you are not her carer or one of her children. The AST (or whatever you have) is the real issue here, as stated you need to consult Shelter and find out exactly what you do have and then a better set of outcomes can be given. If her children are what i would called 'caring' then they would of provided the correct care for her without your assistance, you are simply cheap labour to them, i am sure they appreciate it but you have assisted them in letting their mother receive close to zero paid care, nice for them i am sure. If you continue with this care then do it because you want too not because you think it gives you some kind of rights over what you pay in rent..... it does not. The daughter sounds far more sensible than her brother but either way the current landlady will not be around for ever, at that point your world will change totally, i would be looking to move on anyway before the choice is removed from you and the ''kids'' decide for you.


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