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    I'd say that if you allow the dog the tenant is likely to stay long term - just because finding a place with a dog (or cat) is so difficult. I agree with the small increase in rent as a sort of security but long term good tenants are worth trying to keep.

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      I let unfurnished. Furnished properties would require more thought.

      I normally work on the basis that all carpets will need replacing after a pet, so I work out
      • Cost of carpet, underlay, and fitting.
      • Expected life (I work on 5 years)
      • Life left.
      I then include in the pet agreement that if they leave before the expected life has expired, then they will pay (in my case) one-fifth of the cost for each part-year and full year of expected life left.

      I also make it clear that things like scratching, peeing on things, chewing, etc are damage, not wear and tear; for cats: no cat flaps or open windows for access (cat claws destroy double-glazing seals).

      I do not increase the rent, but then I chooses tenants that appear to be decent people who will accept their responsibility for damage caused by their pets.


        I allow dogs in our holiday let and residential houses - but I like dogs which I think plays a part in the decision!
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          If she is that good then why should she have to pay more just because she wants a dog ? I have had nightmare tennants that you struggle to get paid from and most of the time I have been out of pocket by the time they have left. I wouldn't raise the rent .She is most probably finding lockdown hard if she is living on her own , Its best to ensure she is happy where she is and she then won't have to worry about finding somewhere that accepts pets as if she has made her mind up about getting a dog she will get one and find somewhere else to live .


            I think you should throw her out. Just send her in my direction, I'm looking for a tenant just like her 😁


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