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    Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
    some parts of it, such as the rather wonderful "How to rent" booklet are designed so as to require an entire ink cartridge worth of ink per page
    There is an HTML version available that does not have all the pretty background colours.

    That is the one I use.


      Where are you? I think I've got 3 spares.
      I bought one of them whilst I was working away from.home during the week and needed to do my company accounts. I bought it second hand off someone from work, who paid asda £32 for it at 11:30 pm on the day before his family were going on an easy jet flight on holiday and realised it woukd cost him £££€¥¥¥$$$ If he didn't print off the right documents.
      on his return to work he put an advert up on the virtual notice board and I paid £20. It still works and if I'm working away from home, I put it in the boot of the car. Many a time I've taken it into a hotel room with me. Printed off the last AST and condition report and the other crap that goes with it, last time I had a tenant change.


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