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  • Court Hearing in 2 Days

    I have a court hearing to get possession of my property. I have gone the section 8 ground 8, 10 and 11 routes.

    Just wanted to ask which documents I should take with me to court.

    And is there a certain format I need to compile the documents in?

    Do I need to prepare a witness statement? Bit confused about what this is.

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    Take an up to date rent history. You don't need a witness statement. Take proof of service (presuming you have it). Take original tenancy agreement. Copy of notice to. Better to have everything just incase!

    Many of these things you may well have already attached to the particulars of claim.

    It's pretty much impossible to give you an exact answer based on the facts you have provided.


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      The only thing that matters is your contract. What contract do YOU have (not what Emma has signed with someone else)?
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      Unfortunately (I know its not going to be what you want to hear), I suggest you will have to chalk this one up to experience. Without an inventory you are up the proverbial without a paddle I'm afraid. In the grand scheme of things the damage you have described is very slight (bar perhaps the carpet)...
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      The deemed contract is with the owner or occupier and commences when gas is supplied.

      There's no obvious hierarchy of owner/occupier and, while there are references elsewhere to the owner being liable for things when the property is unoccupied, that isn't reflected in the deemed contract...
      24-07-2017, 11:47 AM
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      Poster - I dont think theres anywhere to "go from here" until you get the letters sent off to the debt collection agency and to EON in line with my post somewhere above - as you arent the executor simply remove that part. But fundamentally they still need to know about your wifes passing and...
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      JPK - it doesnt matter what the incentive is or was, the deemed contract is with the occupier, not the owner - unless there is no occupier. As such, if it can be demonstrated that someone else was living in the property the debt is with them, regardless of what EON may like....
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