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    Had a viewing on a property - scenario is - a youngish lady with 2 young children saw it and loved it. She has just split from her husband , sold house and is happy to pay 6 months rent up front.Is not working at present but wants to at some point.
    The landlord is happy with this but I'm a bit concerned at how to handle it as an agent. I'm thinking of taking a guarantor but apart from that can't think of any other way to ensure rent paid.I guess if landlord has full facts and is happy then that's ok ?
    Any thoughts on this ?

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    Maybe If it's a 6 month AST after you have complied with Tenancy deposit requirements advise the LL he could issue a sec 21 1b notice. Should the 6 months be up and she decides not to pay the rent at least can go straight for a court date.

    If you are unsure about what to do seek professional Legal advice.


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      Or would it be an idea to take a guarantor ?


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        Can't hurt I guess.

        Famous last words.


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          Isn't that what Saddam Hussein said as the trapdoor opened?


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            For now I would just accept the six months in advance.

            At month 3 carry out an inspection and ask her whether she is in work - if not serve a S21. If she is working obtain a reference and if its is good financially then offer another agreement, again without a guarantor. Or, perhaps allow the tenancy to revert to a SP.


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              Good thinking Fallenlord.



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                Call me cynical but a lone parent with children will be looking for a council house. She will be told not to move until the bailiffs remove her. You might not see any money after the first 6 months.

                Make sure therefore you get a UK based property owning guarantor.


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                  I did wonder that myself I must admit but for mo think happy to take the 6 months upfront and a guarantor. Will think a bit longer before deciding


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                    Mind you I'm a single mum with 3 kids and running my own business(and own my own house)- so a few good ones left - just thought I'd get my 3p worth in hehe.
                    But yes you are quite right to be cynical - certainly doesn't hurt in this world.


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                      even if you do have to take her to court to get her out - that does not mean that she will stop paying the rent - but - you will have court fees to fund to get her out and bailiffs fees if she refuses to go.

                      now that local housing allowance is in - the rent will go to her bank account first, and then into yours - i am insisting that any LHA tenants have two bank accounts - one for their rent and one for their own personal allowances.

                      some of my longest tenants are single parents - and dont they just look after my property well !


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